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BlueStack Mediation SDK for IOS

Madvertise provides functionalities for monetizing your mobile application: from premium sales with rich media, video and innovative formats, it facilitates inserting native mobile ads as well all standard display formats. MngAds SDK (BlueStack) is a library that allow you to handle Ads servers with the easy way.

SDK Integration
Prepare for iOS 14+
Setup the IOS SDK
IOS Change Log
IOS Upgrade Guide
Ad Formats
IOS Banner Ads
IOS Interstitial Ads
IOS Infeed Ads
IOS Native Ads
IOS Rewarded Video Ads
IOS Thumbnail Ads
Advanced Settings
IOS FAQ and Troubleshooting
IOS Debug Mode with Gyroscope Sensor
IOS Targeting Audiences
Mediation Adapters
IOS Google Mobile Ads Adapter
IOS Mopub Adapter