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Banner Integration for IOS


Before You Start. Make sure that you have correctly integrated the MNG SDK into your application. Integration is outlined here.

Step 1. Init Banner factory

To create a banner you have to init an object with type MNGAdsSDKFactory and set the bannerDelegate and the viewController.

bannerAdsFactory = [[MNGAdsSDKFactory alloc]init];
bannerAdsFactory.bannerDelegate = self;
bannerAdsFactory.viewController = self;

You have also to set placementId (minimum one time)

bannerAdsFactory.placementId = @"/YOUR_APP_ID/PLACEMENT_ID";

Step 2. Make a request

To make a request you have to call 'loadBannerInFrame'.

[bannerAdsFactory loadBannerInFrame:kMNGAdSizeDynamicBanner]

Step 3. Handle callBack from BannerDelegate

adsAdapter:bannerDidLoad: will be called by the SDK when your bannerView is ready. now you can add your bannerView to th ViewHierarchy.

-(void)adsAdapter:(MNGAdsAdapter  *)adsAdapter bannerDidLoad:(UIView  *)bannerView preferredHeight:(CGFloat)preferredHeight{
    _bannerView = bannerView;
    _bannerView.frame = CGRectMake(0, 20, 320, preferredHeight);
    [self.view addSubview:_bannerView];

adsAdapter:bannerDidFailWithError: will be called when all ads servers fail. it will return the error of last called ads server.

-(void)adsAdapter:(MNGAdsAdapter *)adsAdapter bannerDidFailWithError:(NSError *)error{

Some Ad Network (like Smart ads server) allow user to expand and collapse ad.

Even on refresh, banner can change the size.

adsAdapter:bannerDidChangeFrame: will be called when ad did change size

-(void)adsAdapter:(MNGAdsAdapter *)adsAdapter bannerDidChangeFrame:(CGRect)frame{

Step 3. Handle callBack from RefreshDelegate

If you want tobe notified on refresh, you have to set refresh delegate

bannerAdsFactory.refreshDelegate = self;

On banner refresh, the SDK invoke the calback

-(void)adsAdapterBannerDidRefresh:(MNGAdsAdapter *)adsAdapter{

On banner fail to refresh, the SDK invoke the calback

-(void)adsAdapterBannerDidRefresh:(MNGAdsAdapter *)adsAdapter{


Mng ads provides variant pre-defined sizes ( example below).

MNGAdSize Description Dimensions
kMNGAdSizeBanner Small Banner 320 x 50
kMNGAdSizeDynamicBanner Small Banner Screen Screen width x 50
kMNGAdSizeLargeBanner Large Banner 320 x 100
kMNGAdSizeFullBanner Full Banner ipad 468 x 60
kMNGAdSizeLeaderboard Landscape Banner ipad 728 x 90
kMNGAdSizeDynamicLeaderboard Landscape Banner ipad Screen width x 90
kMNGAdSizeMediumRectangle Square Banner 300 x 250


    MNGAdSize size;
    if (isSquare) {
        size = kMNGAdSizeMediumRectangle;
        BOOL isIPAD = ([[UIDevice currentDevice] userInterfaceIdiom] == UIUserInterfaceIdiomPad);
        size = (isIPAD)?kMNGAdSizeDynamicLeaderboard:kMNGAdSizeDynamicBanner;
    [bannerAdsFactory loadBannerInFrame:size];


The clickDelegate notify you when the ad has been clicked.

@interface ViewController : UIViewController<MNGClickDelegate>

adsFactory.clickDelegate = self;


-(void)adsAdapterAdWasClicked:(MNGAdsAdapter *)adsAdapter{
    NSLog(@"Ad Clicked");