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mad_AdNetworkMediation_rgb_small.png for IOS

Debug Mode with Gyroscope Sensor


Require MngAdsSDK >= 2.3.4

1. Enable Debug Mode

To enable Debug Mode see with Madvertise team in order to allow Debug Mode server side from Madvertise Console. 2017-01-06 09-38-10.png

2. Debug Madvertise Mediation SDK

You'll now be able to shake your phone (during 2 secondes) while in your app to bring up Madvertise Debug menu.


2.1 Madvertise Mediation Settings

After Manual Install or through pod "MNGAds", this page check status of mediation in order to avoid adaptors/librairies oversight.

On following example, all mediation librairies have been added excepted B4S.


2.2 Debug placements

On shaking, you can see the past 3 requests ( Madvertise Mediation) and check waterfall status. You can check Preference Object result (if location or keywords are shared with our SDK)

debug-placement-min.jpg debug-placement2.PNG