This directory contains all the necessary files for running the 
DECC-DG algorithm which is a cooperative co-evolutionary algorithm
that uses differential grouping for forming the subcomponents of 
the co-evolutionary framework. 
This program is tested with the CEC'2010 and is based on the 
following research paper:

Omidvar, M.N.; Li, X.; Mei, Y.; Yao, X., "Cooperative Co-evolution with
Differential Grouping for Large Scale Optimization," Evolutionary Computation,
IEEE Transactions on, vol.PP, no.99, pp.1,1, 0

Files and directories:
 - benchmark       : this directory contains the necessary files for the
                     CEC'2010 benchmark problems.
 - decc.m          : this file is an implementation of a cooperative
                     co-evolutionary framework.
 - dg              : this directory contains the differential grouping
                     datafiles and algorithm.
 - diff_grouping.m : this function is used to read the differential grouping
                     datafiles and form the subcomponents which are used
                     by the cooperative
                     co-evolutionary framework. This function is called
                     in decc.m.
 - README          : this readme file.
 - result          : the experimental results are stored in this
                     directory. The recorded statistics are best of all runs,
                     mean, and standard deviation.
 - runcompe.m      : sets the search domain for different functions.
 - run.m           : this file can be used to run the DECC-DG algorithm.
 - sansde.m        : the subcomponent optimizer based on SaNSDE.
 - trace           : this directory contains the intermediate results which
                     can be used for drawing convergence plots and further

This program is to be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License 
Author: Mohammad Nabi Omidvar
e-mail: mn.omidvar AT
Copyright notice: (c) 2013 Mohammad Nabi Omidvar

This program has been tested with Octave 3.6.2 and MATLAB (R2012a)
on Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS.