This directory contains all the necessary files for running the 
DECC-DML algorithm which is a cooperative co-evolutionary algorithm
that uses differential grouping for forming the subcomponents of 
the co-evolutionary framework. 
This program is tested with the CEC'2010 and is based on the 
following research paper:

DECC-D and DECC-DML algorithms:
Omidvar, M.,  Li, X. and Yao, X. (2010), "Cooperative Co-evolution
with Delta Grouping for Large Scale Non-separable Function Optimization",
in Proceedings of Congress of Evolutionary Computation (CEC 2010), IEEE,
p.1762 - 1769.

The SaNSDE algorithm:
Zhenyu Yang, Ke Tang and Xin Yao, "Self-adaptive Differential Evolution 
with Neighborhood Search", in Proceedings of the 2008 IEEE Congress on 
Evolutionary Computation (CEC2008), Hongkong, China, 2008.

Files and directories:
 - benchmark        : this directory contains the necessary files for the
                      CEC'2010 benchmark problems.
 - decc.m           : this file is an implementation of a cooperative
                      co-evolutionary framework.
 - delta_grouping.m : this function implements the differential grouping
                      which is explained in full detail in the paper listed
                      above. This function called from decc.m
 - README           : this readme file.
 - result           : the experimental results are stored in this
                      directory. The recorded statistics are best of all runs,
                      mean, and standard deviation.
 - runcompe.m       : sets the search domain for different functions.
 - run.m            : this file can be used to run the DECC-DML algorithm.
 - sansde.m         : the subcomponent optimizer based on SaNSDE.
 - trace            : this directory contains the intermediate results which
                      can be used for drawing convergence plots and further
 - gsize            : this directory is used to keep track of how the
                      subcomponent size changes in each co-evolutionary
                      cycle. It can be used to analyze the behavior of DECC-DML.

This program is to be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License 
Author: Mohammad Nabi Omidvar
e-mail: mn.omidvar AT
Copyright notice: (c) 2013 Mohammad Nabi Omidvar

This program has been tested with Octave 3.6.2 and MATLAB (R2012a)
on Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS.