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#include "config.h"


    //            Tag Settings                 //
    //This many tags per monitor:

    tags = {"web", "term", "other", "skype", "games"};

    //            Keybindings                  //

    //anything ending with "Mods" is the list of
    //modifiers binary OR'd together for that action
    //anything ending with "Key" is the X11 keysym
    //for the key you want to trigger that action.
    commandMods = 0;
    commandKey = XK_Super_L;

    interactMods = 0;
    interactKey = XK_i;

    tagSwitchMods = 0;
    nextTagKey = XK_Right;
    prevTagKey = XK_Left;

    closeFocusedMods = 0;
    closeFocusedKey = XK_x;

    fullscreenFocusedMods = 0;
    fullscreenFocusedKey = XK_f;

    quitMods = 0;
    quitKey = XK_F7;

    //Here is where custom app launching keybinds are defined.
    //                  Mods  Key                      Command String 

    AppKeyBind dmenu{   0,    XK_o,                    "dmenu-launch" };

    AppKeyBind volUp{   0,    XF86XK_AudioRaiseVolume, "vol_up" };

    AppKeyBind volDown{ 0,    XF86XK_AudioLowerVolume, "vol_down" };

    AppKeyBind volMute{ 0,    XF86XK_AudioMute,        "mute_toggle" };

    //Now add them to the list:

    //Place command mode only keybinds here
    //e.g. applications

    appKeyBinds = {dmenu};

    //If you want them available in both modes, put them here
    //e.g. play/pause, volume controls

    globalKeyBinds = {volUp, volDown, volMute};

    //            Window Rules                 //
    //You can place windows on tags based upon their name or class
    //you can also set them to be exempt from tiling. Ignore means
    //that the window manager will do absolutely nothing with that window
    //'*' will match anything. If the class or name of the window
    //was not set, it will be "unknown"

    //                  Name        Class       Tag name   exempt   ignore
    WindowRule windward{"Windward", "unknown",  "other",   true,    false};
    WindowRule angel{   "*",        "*",        "other",   false,   false};

    WindowRule term{    "*",        "Sakura",   "term",    false,   false};

    WindowRule web{     "*",        "luakit",   "web",     false,   false};
    WindowRule skype{   "*",        "Skype",    "skype",   false,   false};
    WindowRule tray{    "*",     "stalonetray", "skype",   false,   true};
    WindowRule portal{  "Portal-OpenGL", "*",   "games",   false,   false};
    //add your rules to the list
    rules = {angel, windward, term, web, skype, tray, portal};