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Mirror is intended to bring a sort of vim style interface to 
window management. There are two modes, one for managing windows,
and the other for interacting with their contents.

Windows are managed using binary space partitioning, basically, when you add a window, 
it gets placed in half of the space that the previously focused window.


In command mode, you have three possible commands:
    'i' moves you into interact mode.
    'x' closes the currently focused window.
    'o' moves you into interact mode, and runs dmenu-launch
    'q' quits Mirror
    Right and left arrow keys move you between tags

In interact mode, you have one command:
    "Mod4" moves you into command mode.

In interact mode all keystrokes go the the focused window.
In command mode, no keystrokes go the the windows, but 
window focus is not changed.


To build, simply enter wherever you have Mirror, and type:
Mirror should build in a minute or two, and be ready to use.

See the LICENCE file for the full terms, MIT Licence.