Python Modular Calculator

You can run any module in the modules directory with:

pymodcalc <module> <module args>

to create your own module, create a python file in the modules directory using this

<your module name>.py

Then, in that file, define these two functions:

    use print() to print out how to use your modules
    currently there are no restrictions on what you can print
    you should use the variable argument list 
    and raise a CalculationError (availible from helpers.calcerror)
    with your reason. You can use CalculationError for whatever
    problems you encounter while doing the calculation.
    when you have the final result, return it.
Once you've done that, you can use it with pymodcalc

Modules availible currently:
add - add all numbers passed to it
subtract - subtract subsequent numbers from the first number
wcf - calculate Wind Chill Factor, may not be working right
complex - does equations in python, must follow python syntax, has math and decimal availible