PMDG right click event exceeds valid range of values

Issue #140 resolved
Sebastian Möbius created an issue

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  1. Peter Lang

    I think THIS is a sigent unsignet Problem. As the User said.... with a MINUS in Front this value is working...... DWord Signed -2147483648 is the same like Unsigned +2147483648
    But Limit for positiv Signed Value is also 2147483647

    I think this is not a Issue.... We should just inform the Users in the Manual about the Signed Unsigned Problematic ( Like occure in lots of other situations) A basic new structure like a optional signed unsigned Choice in Configs by user is not needed i think.... BUT Maby you should think about the need of SIGNED in Paramater Value of EventID.... Not shure but i think a parameter here is always unsigned .... right ?

  2. pizman82


    As we talked in our Meeting new request is NOT to change the Signed/Unsigned Part.

    If Possible we should provide a "Dropdown" for Parameter Field in EventID Section ( With the possible 18 Mouseactions ( or the most important 4 ) Maby in Textform for Better Understanding..... So User choose in List the name "PMDG Right Single" and Mobiflight write -2147483648 in parameter field.

    Maby you also like to create a Own Imput Typ " PMDG Events" ..... THERE we can include a Preset List for all Available PMDG Events if you like.

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