Provide a complete list of FSUIPC presets

Issue #182 resolved
Sebastian Möbius created an issue

Currently only a few offsets are available as presets. It would be great if it was complete. Unfortunately there is no excel version of the FSUIPC offsets available on the Internet. Maybe Pete Dowson himself could provide that.

Please use this spreadsheet to collaborate>

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  1. Sebastian Möbius reporter

    @Bastischen sweet! Now we need to add the transform formulae in an additional column and then we could generate a valid xml out of it. Would you like to help?

  2. Sebastian Möbius reporter

    And we need a good label and some categories like: engine, system, lights, etc. any good ideas for that? The category would go in front of the label and helps to group the commands and makes it easier to find if you don't know the name.

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