Disabled wildcards and missing preconditions after loading the mcc file

Issue #202 resolved
Stephan Höltig created an issue

Problem summary

Error V 7.4 If an LCD was configured (ConfigWizard) by assigning placeholders, the program ran flawlessly. After saving, this data was backed up in the .mcc file After saving and restarting MF, the entries were deactivated and only the 1st entry of the drop-down list was visible. This error was not reproducible on all computer systems (including me).

Error extension V7.5 It continues to apply to V7.4. Preconditions (6 each) have been added to 12 configuration entries. As long as MF was not restarted, all preconditions work correctly. The configuration entries were copied from the predecessor and the preconditions were adapted. All data has been saved correctly. After restarting MF (V7.5), entries 2 to 6 were missing for all 12 configuration entries. Only entry 1 was correctly present and activated.

MF version

Originally version 7.4 issue + 7.5

Steps to reproduce

  • create new output config display output for "AP-Display_ALT" for offset 0x07D4
  • Create new output config Display Output for "AP-Display_VS" for Offset 0x07F2
  • create new output config "AP_Master_SW" for offset 0x07BC
  • create new output config "AP_NAV_SW" for offset 0x07C4
  • Create a new output config "Display-Output" and choose the placeholder for the above configs
  • create new precondition for "display-output" AP_Master_SW = 0 (AND)
  • create new precondition for "Displa-Output" AP_NAV_SW = 0 (AND)
  • copy last output config and set as name "LCD_AP"
  • copy last output config and set as name "LCD_NAV"
  • change in output config "LCD_AP" the entry "AP_Master_SW = 0 (AND) to" AP_Master_SW = 1 (AND) "
  • change in output config "LCD_NAV" the entry "AP_Master_SW = 0 (AND) to" AP_Master_SW = 1 (AND) "
  • change in output config "LCD_NAV" the entry "AP_NAV_SW = 0 (AND)" to "AP_NAV_SW = 1 (AND)"
  • start MF and switch AP ON and OFF and / or switch NAV button
  • save the configuration in output file
  • if MF is now started, the configuration entries work perfectly
  • Quit MF and reload it
  • start MF
  • The error occurs immediately when AP is activated: the LCD flickers. All lines of the configurations with preconditions are active which have the entry "AP_Master_SW = 1 (AND)"
  • Entries number 2 are missing in all lists of Preconditions
  • The entries number 1 of the precondition entries have been taken over originally (check AP_Master_SW = 0 (AND) or AP_Master_SW = 1 (AND) " the rest is missing

If now saved (new name!), Differences in the files are recognizable

Original file (correct one and with the missing entries) attached

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  1. Peter Lang

    Additional Information:

    1. About old testing from myself with 7.4 In the past i NOT test it with multiple Preconditions ! In that time i still use ONE Precon in each Display Output Config (Cause it was just for testing) so i can not confirm that the Preconditions are missing, too in my testruns. (But pretty sure they would do if i try.

    2. Missing PLACEHOLDER Stephan miss to tell you the Problem also include the Placeholder settings !!!
      That was the initial Problem i found out 1 Year ago. You see..... In the mcc code of the Error File.... The Placeholder settings are ALSO gone in case of this Bug !

    3. About the "Error" File of Stephan. Here i see NOT a error.... Whatever it is interesting for Sebastian. This File is just a Save of the current Situation that is "seen" by Mobiflight in moment of Saving ! In case of the Bug Mobiflight not "see" the Placeholders and Preconditions . ( Whatever they are correctly include in the mcc file that is loaded at the moment) BUT. If we make a save now ( Or close Mobi with autosave) THEN Mobiflight simply save the current Situation as Mobiflight "see" it at the moment. And THIS Situation have no Placeholders and only one Precondition ! So.... The Final Save ( Error file of Stephan) is basicly correct. .... I think HERE MF works correct and save the current status 1:1 to the mcc file !

    4. This is basicly the same Problem i report in past about the interpolation Checkbox from a user . There a user activate a Interpolation by checkmark and SAVE the File. the Checkmark was active until he close Mobiflight. After Restart and loading this file the Checkmar was disabled..... Whatever in the mcc file it was still written as "True" . Here, too , a additional save overwrite the mcc file and now the currently not activated Interpolation checkbox occure in a FALSE in the updated file ! Maby you remember Sebastian.... I send you this file long time ago via Email..... You said you could not reproduce it on your system. myself i could ! Check This Link to topic

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