VJOY PlugIn - Rework of Press/Release System OR Add a New 3rd Option

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pizman82 created an issue

Problem summary

Sending a "momentary" Press/Release Combo instead of a fixed State

MF Version


Steps to reproduce

  • Create a Input... Typ Buttom
  • Install VJoy Plattform.... Define a Virtual Joystick so we can work with it in MF
  • Devine the Vjoy Button to your Input Device and choose different Logics for testing

Actual result

All Explaned here: https://www.mobiflight.com/forum/topic/1788.html

Further details

@ SEBASTIAN I Still test your recomendations.... But they wont work !

If i choose On Press the ON Command ( without using the OFF Command) then the first button Press is detected in FSUIPC ( And Also in the Vjoy Oberserver tool) as a Joystick PRESS. .... But then a additional Buttenpress do nothing ( FSUIPC and also the Vjoy Observer show the button as "still pressed" and a new command is only send if i release the button meanwhile by a direct RELEASE Command. ) SAME Result with your recomendation to test it "reversed" with the RELEASE Command ONLY. Here nothing happed..... The Button MUST be Pressed already by Vjoy before i can release it.

Summary.... Whatever a couple of ON in a row or OFF in a row will NOT work.


If Danny is still active.... May he can reply with some ideas. Maby my requested "Temporary Press/Release " Option as a 3rd alternate is the Key.... OR He can change the Code in a way (Like Sebastian recommend) that a Command that is already Active in Vjoy ( Like a Press if Button is still pressed) occure Then in a short Release and another Press INSTEAD to the current situation where nothing happen. ( Or inverted that a Release will ocure in a short Press when i try to release it again.

Thank you guys!

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