Rock Paper Bitcoin - Android client

by Erich Erstu and Joosep Püüa


The aim of this project is to develop a user friendly and simplistic native user
interface for a Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) game that can be played on bitcoins.
The game server provides a RESTful API that is to be used when developing
the client.

public API used by client is here: API
YouTube video of the app is provided here: RPB in action

Importing RPB into eclipse: (the easy way)

  1. Download the solution
  2. Import downloaded solution into the eclipse as an existing project.
  3. And your done.

Building the solution with ant: (more complex way)

  1. Download ant (if you don't have it yet) ant install
  2. Download the solution
  3. Open your cmd or terminal
  4. Use ant commands to build app using provided build.xml file

Build for release

ant -buildfile path/to/provided/build.xml release

Build for debug

ant -buildfile path/to/provided/build.xml debug