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Welcome to the MobileCoach!

MobileCoach is the Open Source Behavioral Intervention Platform designed by ETH Zurich, the University of St. Gallen and the Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction.

© 2013-2017 Center for Digital Health Interventions, Health-IS Lab a joint initiative of the Institute of Technology Management at University of St. Gallen and the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich.

For further information visit the MobileCoach Website at!

Team of the release version

Center for Digital Health Interventions, Health-IS Lab

  • Andreas Filler - afiller (AT) ethz (DOT) ch
  • Dr. Tobias Kowatsch - tobias (DOT) kowatsch (AT) unisg (DOT) ch
  • Jost Schweinfurther - jschweinfurther (AT) ethz (DOT) ch
  • Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch - efleisch (AT) ethz (DOT) ch

Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction

  • Dr. Severin Haug - severin (DOT) haug (AT) isgf (DOT) uzh (DOT) ch
  • Raquel Paz Castro - raquel (DOT) paz (AT) isgf (DOT) uzh (DOT) ch


License information can be found in the LICENSE.txt file in the root folder of this project.

MobileCoach usage information

MobileCoach components

The MobileCoach system consists of several components, which are available in several repositories. The components are described in the following. Working files (i.e. example website templates, example interventions) are bundled with the components.

MobileCoach (MC)

The MobileCoach component is the main component of the MobileCoach. It provides the whole functionality to develop and execute interventions including screenings surveys, feedbacks, monitoring and results export.

MobileCoach Web (MCW)

The MobileCoach Website component provides functionalities for short URL redirects as well as the feature to provide a small website with CMS functionalites including statistics created by the MobileCoach.


The FileServletWrapper is an optional component for the MobileCoach system. To be used, it needs to be added to the library path of the MobileCoach system, e.g. by copying the created .jar file to the WEB-INF/lib folder.


Development environment

  • Java (8 or newer) SDK
  • Web application server (Apache Tomcat 8 or newer/compatible)
  • Web application server configured to listen on port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) with a valid or self-signed certificate
  • MongoDB (2.6.x or newer) installation with enabled user authentication, a created database and configured user
  • Optional: (3.1.1) server installation (suggested permissions file can be found in the root folder of this project)
  • Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (Not newer than Mars.2; project files included in repository)
  • Apache Ivy Eclipse Integration (already included in some distributions)
  • Project Lombok Eclipse Integration (Can be installed using a double-click on the .jar file)
  • Vaadin Eclipse Plug-ins (required to compile the widget and themes)
  • ResourceBundle Editor Eclipse Plug-in (optional, but recommended for properties file editing)

Server environment

  • Java (8 or newer) SDK
  • Web application server (Apache Tomcat 8 or newer/compatible)
  • Web application server configured to listen on port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) with a valid certificate
  • MongoDB (2.6.* or newer) installation with enabled user authentication, a created database and configured user
  • Optional: (3.1.1) server installation (suggested permissions file can be found in the root folder of this project)

Basic configuration

The whole MobileCoach can be configured using one configuration file which is included in the repository containing example values. All folders mentioned in this file should be created before the first startup of the MobileCoach system.

Your adjusted copy of the can be placed anywhere on your system, but the file need to be referenced as system property with the name [YOUR CONTEXT PATH in lower case].configuration (or[YOUR CONTEXT PATH in lower case].configuration if you run several virtual servers). Otherwise the default configuration from the will be used - and you won't like it.

E.g., to define the system property for a MobileCoach instance running at your server in the path "/MC" (deployed using a MC.war) you can start your java runtime with the following parameter:


Extend your tomcat configuration files or startup scripts with this setting.

If you are using Tomcat8.5 or newer, with the support for virtual servers, then you can provide several configuration files for each server by adjusting the configuration parameter as follows:"/PATH_TO_YOUR_FILE/"

Also the following should be added to avoid encoding problems on several operating systems and/or RAM problems:

-server -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 -Dorg.apache.catalina.connector.URI_ENCODING=UTF-8 -Djava.awt.headless=true -Xms2g -Xmx2g

You should also add the following parameters to avoid problems with the Log4J logging system:

-Dmc_logging_folder=/tmp -Dmc_logging_console_level=INFO -Dmc_logging_rolling_file_level=INFO

Ensure that your Tomcat installation is allowed to read and write to all folders configured in the

Never activate automaticallyLoginAsDefaultAdmin on your server!!!! It's quite helpful while development, because you can login to the MobileCoach by only clicking the login button.

Change the defaultAdminPassword before the first startup. The user admin will be created with your defined password. You can always change the password afterwards in the backend.

You lost the password of the user admin? Shutdown the system, rename the user admin in the database collection Author to another unique name (never delete anything) and startup the system again.

Mobile Coach is tested with Apache Tomcat 8(.5)

After deploying a (newly created) web archive (.war) to your server you can access the MobileCoach on your server at


Suggestion: Use the provided build.xml within Eclipse to create the .war file.



Important URLs

The MobileCoach administration:



A listing of your existing screening surveys (if activated):



Screening survey and feedback templates

The templates used for screening surveys and feedbacks are HTML templates provided in the folder defined in the in the variable templatesFolder. The templates are automatically recognized at system startup when following these rules:

  • Each template has a unique folder name
  • Each template has a index.html file

For further information on the template engine have a look at the documentation of the mustache template engine.

When the debug parameter IS_LIVE_SYSTEM in the file is set to true the templates are cached. It's therefore suggested to set this value to false but only on development systems.

Backend user guide

An extended backend user guide will be published in the following months.

Version @@version NA@@

Release notes



  • Support for MongoDB 3.*
  • integrated as communication service (for apps)


  • Email communication can now be configured (active/inactive) in the configuration file
  • Text messaging can now be configured (active/inactive) in the configuration file


  • Several minor bugfixes and performance improvements, esp. in the non-UI parts



  • Dashboards provide a way to give teachers, caretakers, service personal etc. (non-participants) a way to have look at the current status of participants within an intervention
  • Specific REST endpoints allow the retrieval of accumulated group/intervention values for the dashboard
  • The variable uniqueness check allows to check variables across interventions for uniqueness
  • Intervention starting days can now be definied dynamically
  • New rules comparators to better work with "select many" variables


  • Decimal based user inputs are now handled the same way independent of the usage of "," or "." as decimal separator
  • Participant variables are now cached in memory to improve read access performance


  • Several minor bugfixes in the backend and UI



  • Supervisors can now be set for participants as alternative message recipients
  • Supervisors can be used in rules to receive messages under specific conditions


  • The following configuration parameter have been added or replaced by more generic onces - You should adjust your configuration files accordingly:
    • mailSubjectStartsWith --> now smsMailSubjectStartsWith
    • emailSubjectForParticipant (new)
    • emailSubjectForSupervisor (new)
    • emailFrom (new)


  • Bugfix for problems with daylight saving time



  • Monitoring can be switched for participants while surveys are active


  • none


  • Bugfix for variables with duplicate timestamps (which could occur under very rare conditions)



  • Report generator to validate the modelled intervention
  • Several small enhancements


  • none


  • Automatic image rotation for iOS images based on EXIF information
  • Many bugfixes for the features introduced in 1.4.0-1.4.1
  • Bugfix for dropping a rule on itself, which could lead to cyclic rules



  • More compact user interface (saves space on screen)
  • Duplication for monitoring messages


  • none


  • Many bugfixes for the features introduced in 1.4.0



  • Support for interventions with several languages (which can be defined for a system)
  • Variables with group support (sharing for whole intervention or group)
  • REST interface for dynamic variable access with:
    • Variable based security system (to ensure privacy for private variables)
    • Bulk retrieval
    • Participant media upload
    • Average calculation
    • Credits collection system
  • Surveys at any time (which can be referenced in messages)
  • Support for virtual server names (e.g. in Tomcat 8.5 or newer)


  • Optimized for Java 8 and Tomcat 8+
  • The configuration parameter feedbackLinkingBaseURL has bee* n replaced by a generic surveyLinkingBaseURL - You should adjust your configuration files accordingly


  • Many small UI improvements
  • Many small source code improvements



  • New JVM argument -Dmc_logging_rolling_file_level=INFO and configuration paramter loggingRollingFileLevel to define logging level of rolling file appender - you should adjust your installation accordingly


  • Fixing date calculations for 2-digit years entered by participants



  • New Vaadin version for better browser compatibility


  • Fixing table sort parent problem for monitoring (reply) rules