# Welcome to the *MobileCoach*! *MobileCoach* is the Open Source Behavioral Intervention Platform designed by **ETH Zurich**, the **University of St. Gallen** and the **Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction**. © 2013-2017 [Center for Digital Health Interventions, Health-IS Lab]( a joint initiative of the [Institute of Technology Management]( at [University of St. Gallen]( and the [Department of Management, Technology and Economics]( at [ETH Zurich]( For further information visit the *MobileCoach* Website at [](! ## Team of the release version ### Center for Digital Health Interventions, Health-IS Lab * **Andreas Filler** - afiller (AT) ethz (DOT) ch * **Dr. Tobias Kowatsch** - tobias (DOT) kowatsch (AT) unisg (DOT) ch * **Jost Schweinfurther** - jschweinfurther (AT) ethz (DOT) ch * **Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch** - efleisch (AT) ethz (DOT) ch ### Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction * **Dr. Severin Haug** - severin (DOT) haug (AT) isgf (DOT) uzh (DOT) ch * **Raquel Paz Castro** - raquel (DOT) paz (AT) isgf (DOT) uzh (DOT) ch ## License License information can be found in the [LICENSE.txt](LICENSE.txt) file in the root folder of this project. --- # *MobileCoach FileServletWrapper* usage information The *MobileCoach FileServletWrapper* is an optional component for the MobileCoach system. To be used, it needs to be added to the library path of the *MobileCoach* system, e.g. by copying the created **.jar** file to the **WEB-INF/lib** folder. This process is performed automatically by the *MobileCoach* build process using the **build.xml** provided with the *MobileCoach* core package. **Suggestion:** Use the provided **build.xml** within **Eclipse** to create the **.jar** file. ## Prerequisites * Java (8 or newer) SDK * Optional, but suggested: Eclipse WTP (Project files included in repository) ## Further information For further information have a look at the **** file in the main repository of the *MobileCoach*. ### Version 1.0.4 (Build 20171129)