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Cleaning up remaining 'pypy[./]rlib' references

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File pypy/doc/ctypes-implementation.rst

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 in dynamic libraries through libffi. Freeing objects in most cases and making
 sure that objects referring to each other are kept alive is responsibility of the higher levels.
-This module uses bindings to libffi which are defined in ``pypy/rlib/libffi.py``.
+This module uses bindings to libffi which are defined in ``rpython/rlib/libffi.py``.
 We tried to keep this module as small as possible. It is conceivable
 that other implementations (e.g. Jython) could use our ctypes

File pypy/doc/discussion/improve-rpython.rst

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 - Allocate variables on the stack, and pass their address ("by reference") to
   llexternal functions. For a typical usage, see
-  `pypy.rlib.rsocket.RSocket.getsockopt_int`.
+  `rpython.rlib.rsocket.RSocket.getsockopt_int`.
 Extensible type system for llexternal

File pypy/doc/stackless.rst

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 more information about them please see the documentation in the C source
 at `rpython/translator/c/src/stacklet/stacklet.h`_.
-The module ``pypy.rlib.rstacklet`` is a thin wrapper around the above
+The module ``rpython.rlib.rstacklet`` is a thin wrapper around the above
 functions.  The key point is that new() and switch() always return a
 fresh stacklet handle (or an empty one), and switch() additionally
 consumes one.  It makes no sense to have code in which the returned

File rpython/translator/c/src/mem.h

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 #include <string.h>
-/* used by pypy.rlib.rstack, but also by asmgcc */
+/* used by rpython.rlib.rstack, but also by asmgcc */
 #define OP_STACK_CURRENT(r)  r = (Signed)&r

File rpython/translator/c/src/stack.h

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 char LL_stack_too_big_slowpath(long);    /* returns 0 (ok) or 1 (too big) */
 void LL_stack_set_length_fraction(double);
-/* some macros referenced from pypy.rlib.rstack */
+/* some macros referenced from rpython.rlib.rstack */
 #define LL_stack_get_end() ((long)_LLstacktoobig_stack_end)
 #define LL_stack_get_length() _LLstacktoobig_stack_length
 #define LL_stack_get_end_adr()    ((long)&_LLstacktoobig_stack_end)   /* JIT */