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 def bdecodelist(space, p):
     p = rffi.ptradd(p, 1)
-    w_list = space.newlist()
+    objects_w = []
     while p[0] != 'e':
         w_obj, p = bdecode(space, p)
-        space.call_method(w_list, 'append', w_obj)
-    return (w_list, rffi.ptradd(p, 1))
+        objects_w.append(w_obj)
+    return (space.newlist(objects_w), rffi.ptradd(p, 1))
 def bdecodestr(space, p):
     length = 0


         def int(self, x):
             assert isinstance(x, str)
             return int(x)
-        def newlist(self):
-            return []
-        def call_method(self, w_obj, method, *args):
-            assert method == 'append'
-            w_obj.append(*args)
+        def newlist(self, lst):
+            assert isinstance(lst, list)
+            return lst
     space = FakeSpace()


     "Special-cased below."
 def abort_info_pop(count):
-    stmgcintf.StmOperations.abort_info_pop(count)
+    if we_are_translated():
+        stmgcintf.StmOperations.abort_info_pop(count)
 def charp_inspect_abort_info():
     return stmgcintf.StmOperations.inspect_abort_info()
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