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Issue #17 resolved

Repository improvements (check + update)

created an issue

Currently Mercurial will not used, if the checkout target directory contains files. This is only a primitive test. This can cause trouble if a previous clone task was aborted.

So here are tasks for the case that the checkout target directory still exists:

\ TODO 1:

Check if repositories are valide. If not, throw an exception. \ The command is "hg verify".

Note: There are upto 4 repositories. The second, third and fourth ones are in subdirectories of the Mogre repository tree. \ So you need to call the hg command in the related directories to get the correct result.

Overview of repository paths: <TargetDirectory> = Mogre repository <TargetDirectory> \ Main \ OgreSrc \ ogre = Ogre repository <TargetDirectory> \ Main \ OgreSrc \ ogre \ Depencies = Ogre depencies repository <TargetDirectory> \ MogreAddons = Add-ons repository (optionally)

\\ TODO 2:

If repositories are valide, check if there are updates available (online). If yes, update the local repositories (and local files).

Nice would be an extra command-line option to prevent repository updates if the user wants to stick on the local one. (The option name could be "-noupdate")

\\ Note:

Add the checks to these files: <MogreBuilder_Directory> \ Source \ Tasks \ CloneAddonsRepository.cs <MogreBuilder_Directory> \ Source \ Tasks \ CloneDependenciesRepository.cs <MogreBuilder_Directory> \ Source \ Tasks \ CloneMogreSource.cs <MogreBuilder_Directory> \ Source \ Tasks \ CloneOgreSource.cs

Or write a checker method, which is called from all of these files.

Comments (4)

  1. Andreas Schuster

    Added in e0c131d. Repositories are now updated from remote source. All patched, changed and temporary files are cleaned from working directories to have a clean base to build from.

    The -noupdate part is still missing.

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