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Joe Westcott (.com) created an issue

Hi! We really like your Polls for Confluence add-on.

Would it be feasible to allow poll creators to add an image to the poll? Sometimes there's nothing better than image for the sake of visual communication.


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  1. Remo Siegwart

    Thanks for your feedback Joe! To be honest, I'm not sure if we are going to implement this. Users would probably ask for more requirements like multiple images, image placement/alignment/sizing which would make things more difficult.

    Though there is already a way to display polls with rich content. You can use the polls macro to embed a poll on a wiki page. This way, you can display any content like text, images, lists, tables, other macros, etc. next to your poll. Does this make sense to you?

    Cheers Remo

  2. Roger K√ľng

    Having the possibility to add an image to a choice would be beneficial, for example by voting on which icon would be best.

    It is cumbersome to have to refer to the names of images above on a page, if users could directly select the image to vote on it would be a better user experience.

    Even if only a few specific sizes would be supported, it would be big improvement.

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