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Smith, Mike created an issue

As with other pages in the Confluence product, we would like links to polls to be generated.

For example, if I create any page in Confluence, after saving it, I am able to press "K" and get the URL and a short link. However, with pages created with the Polls for Confluence add-on, I am unable to use this feature.

The sharing feature is not really useful in our case; we have a large installation with many users and groups. Without knowing all specific users, or the groups to which they belong, the sharing feature is not helpful. Moreover, many users block email from Confluence and may not ever see the poll share.

Please provide a method to get a link to a poll created with this add-on. It is only valuable if we are able to share a small link with others rather than an entire URL. Services such as bit.ly are not appropriate for our installation.

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  1. Remo Siegwart

    Thanks for your feedback!

    When creating the Polls add-on, we decided to provide a sharing feature instead of implementing our own tiny urls, as sharing is much more convenient for the end user in our opinion. Of course you need to know the users you want to share your poll with. But the same is true when you share a link to your poll by email.

    Btw. we currently support sharing of polls with users, groups and email addresses. Also, even when users block emails from Confluence, they still get the sharing notification in their Confluence workbox/inbox.

    Polls already have their unique urls in the form of http://wiki.example.com/polls/viewpoll.action?guid=f9e8ed819b084e1c9692bd41d6964af5. These are permanent urls and do not break when the poll changes in any form. But I see that there are situations where a shorter url would be more convenient.

  2. Smith, Mike reporter

    As an example use case:

    A department secretary would like to poll for a choice. This person may only send the communication via email, and may not use Confluence. However, they have the link to the poll provided by the creator (i.e., http://wiki.example.com/polls/x/964af5).

    They can send the link, along with any other communication, to all in the department via groups in Outlook (which may not correspond to a particular Confluence group).

    While it is true that the unique url example provided would suffice, for someone not familiar with guids or may be handling many of this type of url, they could prove unwieldy.

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