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Markus created an issue

Hi there,

we are evaluating Polls for Confluence and we still did not decide to buy it as we have an open request that seems kind of an issue for us.

We want to introduce the polls feature in our organization so that employees can themselves create polls for whatever reason they want to. But we also want to create corporate polls, ideally I can access them by clicking on the polls link in the Confluence menu bar. However, this only brings me to MY created polls.

Do you have any idea how I could change that?

It can be several people who create corporate-wide polls - so ideally also all of them can edit them.

best regards Markus

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  1. Remo Siegwart

    Hi Markus, thanks for your feedback. Currently all polls are personal, so there is no way for a user to see a list of polls created by other users yet. But in the plugin administration under "Manage add-ons" => "Polls" => "Configure" there is a list of all polls in Confluence (only accessible to administrators though).

    Nevertheless, I'll leave this one open as a feature request.

    Best regards, Remo

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