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Although there is an option to share snippets through the use of a specific URL, it would be great if there was an option that allowed snippets to be readable by anonymous users,i.e. without logging in by default. The option when creating a snippet would then allow for a specific snippet to be kept private or only visible to logged in users.

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  1. Remo Siegwart

    Thanks for your feedback! This should already be possible today though. When creating a new snippet, there are currently two options/checkboxes you can enable/disable:

    1. Visible to all Stash users in browse section => this allows you to define whether you want the snippet to be browseable by other Stash users in the browse section or whether you want to keep it private/not visible in the browse section.
    2. Accessible for external users you give the URL => this allows you to define whether you want the snippet to be accessible by external/anonymous users you share the url with.

    So if you enable the checkbox Accessible for external users you give the URL, every user you share the url with will be able to access the snippet, no matter if they are logged in or not.

    Hope this helps. Please let us know if this is not working for you.

  2. Average Geek reporter

    Hi Remo,

    I have seen the option to share with external users by means of sharing a specific URL. I guess rather than having to share individual URL's, I'd like to open up the snippets repository itself to external users so that they can browse the entire collection. If that was available then I'd like to request the ability to keep some snippets private by checking a flag when creating the snippet. I hope that helps to clarify what I'm requesting for!

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