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Steven Whitman created an issue

We have a requirement that certain source code are visible by only certain individuals or groups members. Unfortunately snippets only allows us to enable or disable two levels of permissions. We can enable/disable public viewing and enable/disable the visibility of a snippet. If someone with a Bitbucket account has the URL to a snippet they can view it.

Overall we think Snippets is a great way to share bits of code for discussion or as samples.

We are evaluating Snippets and without the ability to protect access to a snippet I'm not sure if we can use it.

Having a User and Group permission setting similar to what can be done with a repo or project would make this ideal for us.

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  1. Remo Siegwart

    Thanks for your feedback. When we developed the Snippets add-on, we decided to keep it simple and only offer checkboxes for enabling/disabling the visibility in the browse section and for enabling/disabling public access.

    Every snippet is available under it's own unique URL. As long as you disable the browse section visibility for a snippet, there is no way for other users to find out how they can access it, unless you share the snippet URL with them.

    Of course, once someone has the URL to a snippet, they could forward the URL to more users. But even if we would offer more advanced permissions, they would still be able to just copy the code of the snippet and forward the whole code of the snippet. That's why we currently don't see much benefit regarding more advanced permissions. But we'll leave this one open as a feature request.

    Best regards, Remo

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