evernote-haskell-bindings / test / evernote-tests.cabal

Name:                evernote-tests
Version:             0.1
Synopsis:            Tests for evernote package

License:             BSD3
License-file:        LICENSE

Author:              Maxim Moiseev <maxim.moiseev@gmail.com>
Maintainer:          Maxim Moiseev <maxim.moiseev@gmail.com>

Category:            Testing
Build-type:          Simple

Cabal-version:       >=1.2

Flag buildDemo
    description:    Build a demo app instead of test suite
    -- defaulting to True since unit tests are now handled by the main cabal
    default:        True 

Executable evernote-tests
  If flag(buildDemo)
    Main-is:            SampleWorkflowTest.hs
    Main-is:            EvernoteTests.hs
                      base >= 3
                    , network
                    , containers
                    , bytestring
                    , binary
                    , thrift == 0.6.0
                    , text
                    , blaze-html >=
                    , blaze-builder >=
                    , xmlhtml >= 0.1.6
                    , HUnit >=
                    , test-framework
                    , test-framework-hunit
                    ., ../src/Evernote/Thrift, ../src
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