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minor fixes

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 def flip(f):
     '''Creates a function taking a reversed list of arguments.
     Keyword arguments remain unchanged.'''
-    def _fliped(*args, **kwargs):
+    def _flipped(*args, **kwargs):
         return f(*reversed(args), **kwargs)
     return _flipped
 def _compose2(f, g):
-    def _compose_innner(*args, **kwargs):
+    def _compose_inner(*args, **kwargs):
         return f(g(*args, **kwargs))
     return _compose_inner
         fs = fs[0]
     return reduce(_compose2, fs)
-def _Foonc(object):
+def wrap(f):
+    return _Foonc(f)
+class _Foonc(object):
     '''Somewhat useful function wrapper'''
     def __init__(self, f):
         self._f = f
-    def __call__(*args, **kwargs):
+    def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs):
         return self._f(*args, **kwargs)
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