OAuth for Android

Android implementation of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. This is a library that can be integrated into new projects that require authorization to OAuth 2.0 providers. The library is provided under the Downloads section.

Installation of Library

Download the latest version of the library from the Downloads section and place it within the app/libs folder. If the libs folder does not exist within the app folder, create it.

Open your build.gradle file located in the root of your project. Under the repositories section located under allprojects, insert the following segment of code (do not delete any code, just insert it underneath any code located within repositories):

    dirs 'libs'

You now need to edit your app/build.gradle file (note that it is a different file from above). Within the dependencies section, insert the following code:

compile(name: "oauth-x.x.x", ext: "aar")

Make sure to replace the x's with the version number of the OAuth library you are using in your project. Resync your project with Gradle and you are now ready to use the library in your project.


Visit the Wiki for full details on how to use the library to access data from OAuth 2.0 providers.


To contribute to this project perform the following steps:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Open the project within Android Studio
  3. Create a feature branch in Git/SourceTree
  4. Edit the source files located under the library folder found within the root of the project
  5. Test your source code under app/src/main/java/us.theappacademy.tester
  6. Commit your feature branch using Git/SourceTree
  7. Push your feature branch to this repository
  8. Create a pull request to merge your feature into the master branch

Always commit changes to a feature branch and not the master branch!!!


Moises Baez