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 ;;; js2.el -- an improved JavaScript editing mode
-;;; This file was auto-generated on Mon Jun 16 01:46:45 2008 from files:
+;;; This file was auto-generated on Thu Jul 23 16:21:42 2009 from files:
+;;;  js2-externs.el
 ;;;  js2-vars.el
 ;;;  js2-util.el
 ;;;  js2-scan.el
 ;;; js2-mode.el --- an improved JavaScript editing mode
 ;; Author:  Steve Yegge (
-;; Version: 20080616
+;; Version: 20090723
 ;; Keywords:  javascript languages
 ;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 ;; This JavaScript editing mode supports:
-;;  - the full JavaScript language through version 1.7
-;;  - support for most Rhino and SpiderMonkey extensions from 1.5 to 1.7
+;;  - the full JavaScript language through version 1.8
+;;  - support for most Rhino and SpiderMonkey extensions from 1.5 to 1.8
 ;;  - accurate syntax highlighting using a recursive-descent parser
 ;;  - syntax-error and strict-mode warning reporting
 ;;  - "bouncing" line indentation to choose among alternate indentation points
 ;;  - code formatting
 ;;; Code:
+;;; js2-externs.el -- JavaScript extern definitions for js2-mode
+;; Author:  Steve Yegge (
+;; Keywords:  javascript languages
+;;; Code:
+(defvar js2-ecma-262-externs
+  (mapcar 'symbol-name
+          '(Array
+            Boolean
+            Date
+            Error
+            EvalError
+            Function
+            Infinity
+            Math
+            NaN
+            Number
+            Object
+            RangeError
+            ReferenceError
+            RegExp
+            String
+            SyntaxError
+            TypeError
+            URIError
+            arguments
+            decodeURI
+            decodeURIComponent
+            encodeURI
+            encodeURIComponent
+            escape
+            eval
+            isFinite
+            isNaN
+            parseFloat
+            parseInt
+            undefined
+            unescape))
+"Ecma-262 externs.  Included in `js2-externs' by default.")
+(defvar js2-browser-externs
+  (mapcar 'symbol-name
+          '(;; DOM level 1
+            Attr
+            CDATASection
+            CharacterData
+            Comment
+            DOMException
+            DOMImplementation
+            Document
+            DocumentFragment
+            DocumentType
+            Element
+            Entity
+            EntityReference
+            ExceptionCode
+            NamedNodeMap
+            Node
+            NodeList
+            Notation
+            ProcessingInstruction
+            Text
+            ;; DOM level 2
+            HTMLAnchorElement
+            HTMLAppletElement
+            HTMLAreaElement
+            HTMLBRElement
+            HTMLBaseElement
+            HTMLBaseFontElement
+            HTMLBodyElement
+            HTMLButtonElement
+            HTMLCollection
+            HTMLDListElement
+            HTMLDirectoryElement
+            HTMLDivElement
+            HTMLDocument
+            HTMLElement
+            HTMLFieldSetElement
+            HTMLFontElement
+            HTMLFormElement
+            HTMLFrameElement
+            HTMLFrameSetElement
+            HTMLHRElement
+            HTMLHeadElement
+            HTMLHeadingElement
+            HTMLHtmlElement
+            HTMLIFrameElement
+            HTMLImageElement
+            HTMLInputElement
+            HTMLIsIndexElement
+            HTMLLIElement
+            HTMLLabelElement
+            HTMLLegendElement
+            HTMLLinkElement
+            HTMLMapElement
+            HTMLMenuElement
+            HTMLMetaElement
+            HTMLModElement
+            HTMLOListElement
+            HTMLObjectElement
+            HTMLOptGroupElement
+            HTMLOptionElement
+            HTMLOptionsCollection
+            HTMLParagraphElement
+            HTMLParamElement
+            HTMLPreElement
+            HTMLQuoteElement
+            HTMLScriptElement
+            HTMLSelectElement
+            HTMLStyleElement
+            HTMLTableCaptionElement
+            HTMLTableCellElement
+            HTMLTableColElement
+            HTMLTableElement
+            HTMLTableRowElement
+            HTMLTableSectionElement
+            HTMLTextAreaElement
+            HTMLTitleElement
+            HTMLUListElement
+            ;; DOM level 3
+            DOMConfiguration
+            DOMError
+            DOMException
+            DOMImplementationList
+            DOMImplementationSource
+            DOMLocator
+            DOMStringList
+            NameList
+            TypeInfo
+            UserDataHandler
+            ;; Window
+            alert
+            confirm
+            document
+            java
+            navigator
+            prompt
+            screen
+            self
+            top
+            ;; W3C CSS
+            CSSCharsetRule
+            CSSFontFace
+            CSSFontFaceRule
+            CSSImportRule
+            CSSMediaRule
+            CSSPageRule
+            CSSPrimitiveValue
+            CSSProperties
+            CSSRule
+            CSSRuleList
+            CSSStyleDeclaration
+            CSSStyleRule
+            CSSStyleSheet
+            CSSValue
+            CSSValueList
+            Counter
+            DOMImplementationCSS
+            DocumentCSS
+            DocumentStyle
+            ElementCSSInlineStyle
+            LinkStyle
+            MediaList
+            RGBColor
+            Rect
+            StyleSheet
+            StyleSheetList
+            ViewCSS
+            ;; W3C Event
+            EventListener
+            EventTarget
+            Event
+            DocumentEvent
+            UIEvent
+            MouseEvent
+            MutationEvent
+            KeyboardEvent
+            ;; W3C Range
+            DocumentRange
+            Range
+            RangeException
+            ;; W3C XML
+            XPathResult
+            XMLHttpRequest
+            ))
+  "Browser externs.
+You can cause these to be included or excluded with the custom
+variable `js2-include-browser-externs'.")
+(defvar js2-rhino-externs
+  (mapcar 'symbol-name
+          '(Packages
+            importClass
+            importPackage
+            com
+            org
+            java
+            ;; Global object (shell) externs
+            defineClass
+            deserialize
+            doctest
+            gc
+            help
+            load
+            loadClass
+            print
+            quit
+            readFile
+            readUrl
+            runCommand
+            seal
+            serialize
+            spawn
+            sync
+            toint32
+            version))
+  "Mozilla Rhino externs.
+Set `js2-include-rhino-externs' to t to include them.")
+(defvar js2-gears-externs
+  (mapcar 'symbol-name
+          '(
+            ;; finish me!
+            ))
+  "Google Gears externs.
+Set `js2-include-gears-externs' to t to include them.")
+(provide 'js2-externs)
+;;; js2-externs.el ends here
 ;;; js2-vars.el -- byte-compiler support for js2-mode
 ;; Author:  Steve Yegge (
   (require 'cc-langs)    ; it's here in Emacs 21...
   (require 'cc-engine))  ; for `c-paragraph-start' et. al.
 (defvar js2-emacs22 (>= emacs-major-version 22))
 (defcustom js2-highlight-level 2
 1 adds basic syntax highlighting.
 2 adds highlighting of some Ecma built-in properties.
 3 adds highlighting of many Ecma built-in functions."
-  :type 'integer
-  :group 'js2-mode)
+  :group 'js2-mode
+  :type '(choice (const :tag "None" nil)
+                 (const :tag "Basic" 1)
+                 (const :tag "Include Properties" 2)
+                 (const :tag "Include Functions" 3)))
 (defvar js2-mode-dev-mode-p nil
   "Non-nil if running in development mode.  Normally nil.")
 (defcustom js2-basic-offset (if (and (boundp 'c-basic-offset)
                                      (numberp c-basic-offset))
-                              2)
+                              4)
   "Number of spaces to indent nested statements.
 Similar to `c-basic-offset'."
   :group 'js2-mode
   :type 'integer)
 (make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-basic-offset)
-(defcustom js2-cleanup-whitespace t
+(defcustom js2-cleanup-whitespace nil
   "Non-nil to invoke `delete-trailing-whitespace' before saves."
   :type 'boolean
   :group 'js2-mode)
   :group 'js2-mode
   :type 'boolean)
-(defcustom js2-auto-indent-flag t
+(defcustom js2-auto-indent-p nil
   "Automatic indentation with punctuation characters. If non-nil, the
 current line is indented when certain punctuations are inserted."
   :group 'js2-mode
   :type 'boolean)
-(defcustom js2-bounce-indent-flag t
+(defcustom js2-bounce-indent-p nil
   "Non-nil to have indent-line function choose among alternatives.
 If nil, the indent-line function will indent to a predetermined column
 based on heuristic guessing.  If non-nil, then if the current line is
   :type 'boolean
   :group 'js2-mode)
-(defcustom js2-enter-indents-newline t
+(defcustom js2-enter-indents-newline nil
   "Non-nil to have Enter/Return key indent the newly-inserted line.
 This is unusual for Emacs modes but common in IDEs like Eclipse."
   :type 'boolean
   :type 'boolean)
 (defcustom js2-electric-keys '("{" "}" "(" ")" "[" "]" ":" ";" "," "*")
-  "Keys that auto-indent when `js2-auto-indent-flag' is non-nil.
+  "Keys that auto-indent when `js2-auto-indent-p' is non-nil.
 Each value in the list is passed to `define-key'."
   :type 'list
   :group 'js2-mode)
   :type 'boolean
   :group 'js2-mode)
-(defcustom js2-basic-offset c-basic-offset
-  "Functions like `c-basic-offset' in js2-mode buffers."
-  :type 'integer
-  :group 'js2-mode)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-basic-offset)
-(defcustom js2-language-version 170
+(defcustom js2-language-version 180
   "Configures what JavaScript language version to recognize.
-Currently only 150, 160 and 170 are supported, corresponding
-to JavaScript 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7, respectively.  In a nutshell,
-1.6 adds E4X support, and 1.7 adds let, yield, and Array
+Currently versions 150, 160, 170 and 180 are supported, corresponding
+to JavaScript 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8, respectively.  In a nutshell,
+1.6 adds E4X support, 1.7 adds let, yield, and Array comprehensions,
+and 1.8 adds function closures."
   :type 'integer
   :group 'js2-mode)
   :type 'boolean
   :group 'js2-mode)
-(defvar js2-mode-version 20080616
+(defvar js2-mode-version 20090723
   "Release number for `js2-mode'.")
 ;; scanner variables
+(defmacro deflocal (name value &optional comment)
+  `(progn
+     (defvar ,name ,value ,comment)
+     (make-variable-buffer-local ',name)))
 ;; We record the start and end position of each token.
-(defvar js2-token-beg 1)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-token-beg)
-(defvar js2-token-end -1)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-token-end)
+(deflocal js2-token-beg 1)
+(deflocal js2-token-end -1)
 (defvar js2-EOF_CHAR -1
   "Represents end of stream.  Distinct from js2-EOF token type.")
 (defvar js2-WITHEXPR 158)
 (defvar js2-DEBUGGER 159)
-(defvar js2-COMMENT 160)  ; not yet in Rhino
-(defvar js2-num-tokens (1+ js2-COMMENT))
+(defvar js2-COMMENT 160)
+(defvar js2-ENUM 161)  ; for "enum" reserved word
+(defconst js2-num-tokens (1+ js2-ENUM))
 (defconst js2-debug-print-trees nil)
 ;; assume the input is a buffer.  JavaScript strings can be
 ;; copied into temp buffers before scanning them.
-(defmacro deflocal (name value comment)
-  `(progn
-     (defvar ,name ,value ,comment)
-     (make-variable-buffer-local ',name)))
 ;; Buffer-local variables yield much cleaner code than using `defstruct'.
 ;; They're the Emacs equivalent of instance variables, more or less.
 ;;; Parser variables
-(defvar js2-parsed-errors nil
+(deflocal js2-parsed-errors nil
   "List of errors produced during scanning/parsing.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-parsed-errors)
-(defvar js2-parsed-warnings nil
+(deflocal js2-parsed-warnings nil
   "List of warnings produced during scanning/parsing.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-parsed-warnings)
-(defvar js2-recover-from-parse-errors t
+(deflocal js2-recover-from-parse-errors t
   "Non-nil to continue parsing after a syntax error.
 In recovery mode, the AST will be built in full, and any error
 The variable is automatically buffer-local, because different
 modes that use the parser will need different settings.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-recover-from-parse-errors)
-(defvar js2-parse-hook nil
+(deflocal js2-parse-hook nil
   "List of callbacks for receiving parsing progress.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-parse-hook)
 (defvar js2-parse-finished-hook nil
   "List of callbacks to notify when parsing finishes.
 Not called if parsing was interrupted.")
-(defvar js2-is-eval-code nil
+(deflocal js2-is-eval-code nil
   "True if we're evaluating code in a string.
 If non-nil, the tokenizer will record the token text, and the AST nodes
 will record their source text.  Off by default for IDE modes, since the
 text is available in the buffer.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-is-eval-code)
 (defvar js2-parse-ide-mode t
   "Non-nil if the parser is being used for `js2-mode'.
 ;; Inline Rhino's CompilerEnvirons vars as buffer-locals.
-(defvar js2-compiler-generate-debug-info t)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-generate-debug-info)
-(defvar js2-compiler-use-dynamic-scope nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-use-dynamic-scope)
-(defvar js2-compiler-reserved-keywords-as-identifier nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-reserved-keywords-as-identifier)
-(defvar js2-compiler-xml-available t)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-xml-available)
-(defvar js2-compiler-optimization-level 0)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-optimization-level)
-(defvar js2-compiler-generating-source t)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-generating-source)
-(defvar js2-compiler-strict-mode nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-strict-mode)
-(defvar js2-compiler-report-warning-as-error nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-report-warning-as-error)
-(defvar js2-compiler-generate-observer-count nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-generate-observer-count)
-(defvar js2-compiler-activation-names nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-compiler-activation-names)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-generate-debug-info t)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-use-dynamic-scope nil)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-reserved-keywords-as-identifier nil)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-xml-available t)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-optimization-level 0)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-generating-source t)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-strict-mode nil)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-report-warning-as-error nil)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-generate-observer-count nil)
+(deflocal js2-compiler-activation-names nil)
 ;; SKIP:  sourceURI
 ;; There's a compileFunction method in - may need it.
-(defvar js2-called-by-compile-function nil
+(deflocal js2-called-by-compile-function nil
   "True if `js2-parse' was called by `js2-compile-function'.
 Will only be used when we finish implementing the interpreter.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-called-by-compile-function)
 ;; SKIP:  ts  (we just call `js2-init-scanner' and use its vars)
-(defvar js2-current-flagged-token js2-EOF)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-current-flagged-token)
-(defvar js2-current-token js2-EOF)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-current-token)
+(deflocal js2-current-flagged-token js2-EOF)
+(deflocal js2-current-token js2-EOF)
 ;; SKIP:  node factory - we're going to just call functions directly,
 ;; and eventually go to a unified AST format.
-(defvar js2-nesting-of-function 0)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-nesting-of-function)
-(defvar js2-recorded-assignments nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-assignments-from-parse)
+(deflocal js2-nesting-of-function 0)
+(deflocal js2-recorded-assignments nil
+  "Tracks assignments found during parsing.")
+(defcustom js2-global-externs nil
+  "A list of any extern names you'd like to consider always declared.
+This list is global and is used by all js2-mode files.
+You can create buffer-local externs list using `js2-additional-externs'.
+There is also a buffer-local variable `js2-default-externs',
+which is initialized by default to include the Ecma-262 externs
+and the standard browser externs.  The three lists are all
+checked during highlighting."
+  :type 'list
+  :group 'js2-mode)
+(deflocal js2-default-externs nil
+  "Default external declarations.
+These are currently only used for highlighting undeclared variables,
+which only worries about top-level (unqualified) references.
+As js2-mode's processing improves, we will flesh out this list.
+The initial value is set to `js2-ecma-262-externs', unless you
+have set `js2-include-browser-externs', in which case the browser
+externs are also included.
+See `js2-additional-externs' for more information.")
+(defcustom js2-include-browser-externs t
+  "Non-nil to include browser externs in the master externs list.
+If you work on JavaScript files that are not intended for browsers,
+such as Mozilla Rhino server-side JavaScript, set this to nil.
+You can always include them on a per-file basis by calling
+`js2-add-browser-externs' from a function on `js2-mode-hook'.
+See `js2-additional-externs' for more information about externs."
+  :type 'boolean
+  :group 'js2-mode)
+(defcustom js2-include-rhino-externs t
+  "Non-nil to include Mozilla Rhino externs in the master externs list.
+See `js2-additional-externs' for more information about externs."
+  :type 'boolean
+  :group 'js2-mode)
+(defcustom js2-include-gears-externs t
+  "Non-nil to include Google Gears externs in the master externs list.
+See `js2-additional-externs' for more information about externs."
+  :type 'boolean
+  :group 'js2-mode)
+(deflocal js2-additional-externs nil
+  "A buffer-local list of additional external declarations.
+It is used to decide whether variables are considered undeclared
+for purposes of highlighting.
+Each entry is a lisp string.  The string should be the fully qualified
+name of an external entity.  All externs should be added to this list,
+so that as js2-mode's processing improves it can take advantage of them.
+You may want to declare your externs in three ways.
+First, you can add externs that are valid for all your JavaScript files.
+You should probably do this by adding them to `js2-global-externs', which
+is a global list used for all js2-mode files.
+Next, you can add a function to `js2-mode-hook' that adds additional
+externs appropriate for the specific file, perhaps based on its path.
+These should go in `js2-additional-externs', which is buffer-local.
+Finally, you can add a function to `js2-post-parse-callbacks',
+which is called after parsing completes, and `root' is bound to
+the root of the parse tree.  At this stage you can set up an AST
+node visitor using `js2-visit-ast' and examine the parse tree
+for specific import patterns that may imply the existence of
+other externs, possibly tied to your build system.  These should also
+be added to `js2-additional-externs'.
+Your post-parse callback may of course also use the simpler and
+faster (but perhaps less robust) approach of simply scanning the
+buffer text for your imports, using regular expressions.")
 ;; SKIP:  decompiler
 ;; SKIP:  encoded-source
-;;; These variables are per-function and should be saved/restored
-;;; during function parsing.
-(defvar js2-current-script-or-fn nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-current-script-or-fn)
-(defvar js2-current-scope nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-current-scope)
-(defvar js2-nesting-of-with 0)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-nesting-of-with)
-(defvar js2-label-set nil
+;;; The following variables are per-function and should be saved/restored
+;;; during function parsing...
+(deflocal js2-current-script-or-fn nil)
+(deflocal js2-current-scope nil)
+(deflocal js2-nesting-of-with 0)
+(deflocal js2-label-set nil
   "An alist mapping label names to nodes.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-label-set)
-(defvar js2-loop-set nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-loop-set)
-(defvar js2-loop-and-switch-set nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-loop-and-switch-set)
-(defvar js2-has-return-value nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-has-return-value)
-(defvar js2-end-flags 0)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-end-flags)
-;;; end of per function variables
+(deflocal js2-loop-set nil)
+(deflocal js2-loop-and-switch-set nil)
+(deflocal js2-has-return-value nil)
+(deflocal js2-end-flags 0)
+;;; ...end of per function variables
 ;; Without 2-token lookahead, labels are a problem.
 ;; These vars store the token info of the last matched name,
 ;; statementHelper() function, the main statement parser, which
 ;; is then used by quite a few of the sub-parsers.  We just make
 ;; it a buffer-local variable and make sure it's cleaned up properly.
-(defvar js2-labeled-stmt nil)  ; type `js2-labeled-stmt-node'
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-labeled-stmt)
+(deflocal js2-labeled-stmt nil)  ; type `js2-labeled-stmt-node'
 ;; Similarly, Rhino passes an inForInit boolean through about half
 ;; the expression parsers.  We use a dynamically-scoped variable,
 ;; which makes it easier to funcall the parsers individually without
 ;; worrying about whether they take the parameter or not.
-(defvar js2-in-for-init nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-in-for-init)
-(defvar js2-temp-name-counter 0)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-temp-name-counter)
-(defvar js2-parse-stmt-count 0)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-parse-stmt-count)
+(deflocal js2-in-for-init nil)
+(deflocal js2-temp-name-counter 0)
+(deflocal js2-parse-stmt-count 0)
 (defsubst js2-get-next-temp-name ()
   (format "$%d" (incf js2-temp-name-counter)))
 you wish.  This appears to be more or less how Eclipse, IntelliJ
 and other editors work.")
-(defvar js2-record-comments t
+(deflocal js2-record-comments t
   "Instructs the scanner to record comments in `js2-scanned-comments'.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-record-comments)
-(defvar js2-scanned-comments nil
+(deflocal js2-scanned-comments nil
   "List of all comments from the current parse.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-scanned-comments)
 (defun js2-underline-color (color)
   "Return a legal value for the :underline face attribute based on COLOR."
   "Face used to highlight brackets in jsdoc html tags."
   :group 'js2-mode)
+(defface js2-magic-paren-face
+  '((t :underline t))
+  "Face used to color parens that will be auto-overwritten."
+  :group 'js2-mode)
+(defcustom js2-post-parse-callbacks nil
+  "A list of callback functions invoked after parsing finishes.
+Currently, the main use for this function is to add synthetic
+declarations to `js2-recorded-assignments', which see."
+  :type 'list
+  :group 'js2-mode)
 (defface js2-external-variable-face
   '((t :foreground "orange"))
   "Face used to highlight assignments to undeclared variables.
   :type 'boolean
   :group 'js2-mode)
+(defcustom js2-auto-insert-catch-block t
+  "Non-nil to insert matching catch block on open-curly after `try'."
+  :type 'boolean
+  :group 'js2-mode)
 (defvar js2-mode-map
   (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap))
     (define-key map [mouse-1] #'js2-mode-show-node)
-    (define-key map "\C-m" #'js2-enter-key)
+    (define-key map (kbd "C-m") #'js2-enter-key)
     (when js2-rebind-eol-bol-keys
-      (define-key map "\C-a" #'js2-beginning-of-line)
-      (define-key map "\C-e" #'js2-end-of-line))
-    (define-key map "\C-c\C-e" #'js2-mode-hide-element)
-    (define-key map "\C-c\C-s" #'js2-mode-show-element)
-    (define-key map "\C-c\C-a" #'js2-mode-show-all)
-    (define-key map "\C-c\C-f" #'js2-mode-toggle-hide-functions)
-    (define-key map "\C-c\C-t" #'js2-mode-toggle-hide-comments)
-    (define-key map "\C-c\C-o" #'js2-mode-toggle-element)
-    (define-key map "\C-c\C-w" #'js2-mode-toggle-warnings-and-errors)
-    (define-key map (kbd "C-c C-'") #'js2-next-error)
+      (define-key map (kbd "C-a") #'js2-beginning-of-line)
+      (define-key map (kbd "C-e") #'js2-end-of-line))
+    (define-key map (kbd "C-c C-e") #'js2-mode-hide-element)
+    (define-key map (kbd "C-c C-s") #'js2-mode-show-element)
+    (define-key map (kbd "C-c C-a") #'js2-mode-show-all)
+    (define-key map (kbd "C-c C-f") #'js2-mode-toggle-hide-functions)
+    (define-key map (kbd "C-c C-t") #'js2-mode-toggle-hide-comments)
+    (define-key map (kbd "C-c C-o") #'js2-mode-toggle-element)
+    (define-key map (kbd "C-c C-w") #'js2-mode-toggle-warnings-and-errors)
+    (define-key map (kbd "C-c C-`") #'js2-next-error)
     ;; also define user's preference for next-error, if available
     (if (setq keys (where-is-internal #'next-error))
         (define-key map (car keys) #'js2-next-error))
     (define-key map (or (car (where-is-internal #'narrow-to-defun))
                         (kbd "C-x nd"))
-    (define-key map [down-mouse-3] #'js2-mouse-3)
-    (when js2-auto-indent-flag
+    (define-key map [down-mouse-3] #'js2-down-mouse-3)
+    (when js2-auto-indent-p
       (mapc (lambda (key)
               (define-key map key #'js2-insert-and-indent))
   "Matches a //-comment line.  Must be first non-whitespace on line.
 First match-group is the leading whitespace.")
-(defvar js2-mode-ast nil "Private variable.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-mode-ast)
 (defvar js2-mode-hook nil)
-(defvar js2-mode-parse-timer nil "Private variable.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-mode-parse-timer)
-(defvar js2-mode-buffer-dirty-p nil "Private variable.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-mode-buffer-dirty-p)
-(defvar js2-mode-parsing nil "Private variable.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-mode-parsing)
-(defvar js2-mode-node-overlay nil)
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-mode-node-overlay)
+(deflocal js2-mode-ast nil "Private variable.")
+(deflocal js2-mode-parse-timer nil "Private variable.")
+(deflocal js2-mode-buffer-dirty-p nil "Private variable.")
+(deflocal js2-mode-parsing nil "Private variable.")
+(deflocal js2-mode-node-overlay nil)
 (defvar js2-mode-show-overlay js2-mode-dev-mode-p
   "Debug:  Non-nil to highlight AST nodes on mouse-down.")
-(defvar js2-mode-fontifications nil "Private variable")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-mode-fontifications)
-(defvar js2-mode-deferred-properties nil "Private variable")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-mode-deferred-properties)
-(defvar js2-imenu-recorder nil "Private variable")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-imenu-recorder)
-(defvar js2-imenu-function-map nil "Private variable")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'js2-imenu-function-map)
+(deflocal js2-mode-fontifications nil "Private variable")
+(deflocal js2-mode-deferred-properties nil "Private variable")
+(deflocal js2-imenu-recorder nil "Private variable")
+(deflocal js2-imenu-function-map nil "Private variable")
 (defvar js2-paragraph-start
   (defvar font-lock-mode nil)
   (defvar font-lock-keywords nil))
+;; Workaround for buggy Emacs 21 behavior.
   (if (< emacs-major-version 22)
       (defun c-setup-paragraph-variables () nil)))
   (require 'cl))
 (defvar js2-tokens nil
-  "List of all defined token names.")  ; intialized below
-(defvar js2-token-names
+  "List of all defined token names.")  ; initialized in `js2-token-names'
+(defconst js2-token-names
   (let* ((names (make-vector js2-num-tokens -1))
          (case-fold-search nil)  ; only match js2-UPPER_CASE
          (syms (apropos-internal "^js2-\\(?:[A-Z_]+\\)")))
   "Return symbol for TOK given its code, e.g. 'js2-LP for code 86."
   (intern (js2-token-name tok)))
-(defvar js2-token-codes
+(defconst js2-token-codes
   (let ((table (make-hash-table :test 'eq :size 256)))
     (loop for name across js2-token-names
           for sym = (intern (concat "js2-" name))
         (setq js2-ts-hit-eof t
               js2-ts-cursor (1+ js2-ts-cursor)
               c js2-EOF_CHAR)  ; return value
       ;; otherwise read next char
       (setq c (char-before (incf js2-ts-cursor)))
       ;; if we read a newline, update counters
       (if (= c ?\n)
           (setq js2-ts-line-start js2-ts-cursor
                 js2-ts-lineno (1+ js2-ts-lineno)))
       ;; TODO:  skip over format characters
    (and (>= c ?0) (<= c ?9))))
 (defsubst js2-alpha-p (c)
-  ;; Use 'Z' < 'a'
-  (if (<= c ?Z)
-      (<= ?A c)
-    (and (<= ?a c)
-         (<= c ?z))))
+  (cond ((and (<= ?A c) (<= c ?Z)) t)
+        ((and (<= ?a c) (<= c ?z)) t)
+        (t nil)))
 (defsubst js2-digit-p (c)
   (and (<= ?0 c) (<= c ?9)))
 (defsubst js2-js-space-p (c)
   (if (<= c 127)
-      (memq c '(#x20 #x9 #xC #xB))
+      (memq c '(#x20 #x9 #xB #xC #xD))
      (eq c #xA0)
      ;; TODO:  change this nil to check for Unicode space character
+(defconst js2-eol-chars (list js2-EOF_CHAR ?\n ?\r))
 (defsubst js2-skip-line ()
   "Skip to end of line"
   (let (c)
-    (while (and (/= js2-EOF_CHAR (setq c (js2-get-char)))
-                (/= c ?\n)))
+    (while (not (memq (setq c (js2-get-char)) js2-eol-chars)))
     (setq js2-token-end js2-ts-cursor)))
     boolean byte
     char class
-    enum extends
+    enum export extends
     final float
-    implements int interface
+    implements import int interface
     package private protected public
             (if (/= c ?-)               ; in case end of HTML comment
                 (setq js2-ts-dirty-line t))
             (setq continue nil))))
         ;; Assume the token will be 1 char - fixed up below.
         (when (eq c ?@)
           (throw 'return js2-XMLATTR))
         ;; identifier/keyword/instanceof?
         ;; watch out for starting with a <backslash>
           (when (setq identifier-start (js2-java-identifier-start-p c))
             (setq js2-ts-string-buffer nil)
             (js2-add-to-string c))))
         (when identifier-start
           (setq contains-escape is-unicode-escape-start)
           (catch 'break
                       (throw 'break nil))
                   (js2-add-to-string c))))))
           (setq str (js2-get-string-from-buffer))
           (unless contains-escape
             ;; OPT we shouldn't have to make a string (object!) to
             ;; check if it's a keyword.
             ;; Return the corresponding token if it's a keyword
             (when (setq result (js2-string-to-keyword str))
               (if (and (< js2-language-version 170)
               (if (neq result js2-RESERVED)
                   (throw 'return (js2-token-code result)))
               (js2-report-warning "msg.reserved.keyword" str)))
           ;; If we want to intern these as Rhino does, just use (intern str)
           (setq js2-ts-string str)
           (throw 'return js2-NAME))     ; end identifier/kwd check
         ;; is it a number?
         (when (or (js2-digit-p c)
                   (and (eq c ?.) (js2-digit-p (js2-peek-char))))
               (setq base 8))
               (js2-add-to-string ?0))))
           (if (eq base 16)
               (while (<= 0 (js2-x-digit-to-int c 0))
                 (js2-add-to-string c)
                 (setq base 10))
               (js2-add-to-string c)
               (setq c (js2-get-char))))
           (setq is-integer t)
           (when (and (eq base 10) (memq c '(?. ?e ?E)))
             (setq is-integer nil)
             (when (eq c ?.)
                     (js2-add-to-string c)
                     (setq c (js2-get-char))
                     while (js2-digit-p c))))
           (setq js2-ts-string (js2-get-string-from-buffer)
                   ;; js2-util.el, but I need to port ScriptRuntime.stringToNumber.
                   (string-to-number js2-ts-string)))
           (throw 'return js2-NUMBER))
         ;; is it a string?
         (when (memq c '(?\" ?\'))
           ;; We attempt to accumulate a string the fast way, by
                   (setq js2-token-end js2-ts-cursor)
                   (js2-report-error "msg.unterminated.string.lit")
                   (throw 'return js2-STRING))
                 (when (eq c ?\\)
                   ;; We've hit an escaped character
                   (setq c (js2-get-char))
                 (setq c (js2-get-char)))))
           (setq js2-ts-string (js2-get-string-from-buffer))
           (throw 'return js2-STRING))
         (case c
            (throw 'return js2-SEMI))
                  (setq js2-ts-comment-type 'html)
                  (throw 'return js2-COMMENT)))
            (if (js2-match-char ?<)
                (if (js2-match-char ?=)
                    (js2-ts-return js2-ASSIGN_LSH)
            (if (js2-match-char ?=)
                (js2-ts-return js2-ASSIGN_MUL)
              (throw 'return js2-MUL)))
            ;; is it a // comment?
            (when (js2-match-char ?/)
              (setq js2-token-beg (- js2-ts-cursor 2))
              (setq js2-ts-comment-type 'line)
+             ;; include newline so highlighting goes to end of window
+             (incf js2-token-end)
              (throw 'return js2-COMMENT))
            ;; is it a /* comment?
            (when (js2-match-char ?*)
              (setq look-for-slash nil
                  (setq look-for-slash nil
                        js2-token-end js2-ts-cursor)))))
            (if (js2-match-char ?=)
                (js2-ts-return js2-ASSIGN_DIV)
              (throw 'return js2-DIV)))
             (when js2-skip-preprocessor-directives
                     js2-token-end js2-ts-cursor)
               (throw 'return js2-COMMENT))
             (throw 'return js2-ERROR))
            (if (js2-match-char ?=)
                (js2-ts-return js2-ASSIGN_MOD)
              (setq c js2-SUB)))
            (setq js2-ts-dirty-line t)
            (js2-ts-return c))
            (js2-report-scan-error "msg.illegal.character")))))))
     (setq js2-token-beg js2-ts-cursor
           js2-ts-string-buffer nil
           js2-ts-regexp-flags nil)
     (if (eq start-token js2-ASSIGN_DIV)
         ;; mis-scanned /=
         (js2-add-to-string ?=)
       (if (neq start-token js2-DIV)
           (error "failed assertion")))
     (while (and (not err)
                 (or (/= (setq c (js2-get-char)) ?/)
            ((= c ?\\)
             (js2-add-to-string c)
             (setq c (js2-get-char)))
            ((= c ?\[)
             (setq in-class t))
            ((= c ?\])
             (setq in-class nil)))
           (js2-add-to-string c))))
     (unless err
       (while continue
                ((= c js2-EOF_CHAR)
                 (throw 'return js2-ERROR))
                 (case c
                            (zerop js2-ts-xml-open-tags-count))
                   (setq js2-ts-string (js2-get-string-from-buffer))
                   (throw 'return js2-XMLEND)))
                 ;; else not tag content
                 (case c
   name             ; function name (a `js2-name-node', or nil if anonymous)
   params           ; a lisp list of destructuring forms or simple name nodes
-  body             ; a `js2-block-node'
+  body             ; a `js2-block-node' or expression node (1.8 only)
   lp               ; position of arg-list open-paren, or nil if omitted
   rp               ; position of arg-list close-paren, or nil if omitted
   ignore-dynamic   ; ignore value of the dynamic-scope flag (interpreter only)
        ((and (= tt js2-EXPR_VOID)
              (js2-expr-stmt-node-p node)) ; but not if EXPR_RESULT
         (js2-node-has-side-effects (js2-expr-stmt-node-expr node)))
        ((= tt js2-COMMA)
         (js2-node-has-side-effects (js2-infix-node-right node)))
        ((or (= tt js2-AND)
             (= tt js2-OR))
         (or (js2-node-has-side-effects (js2-infix-node-right node))
             (js2-node-has-side-effects (js2-infix-node-left node))))
        ((= tt js2-HOOK)
         (and (js2-node-has-side-effects (js2-cond-node-true-expr node))
              (js2-node-has-side-effects (js2-cond-node-false-expr node))))
        ((js2-paren-node-p node)
         (js2-node-has-side-effects (js2-paren-node-expr node)))
        ((= tt js2-ERROR) ; avoid cascaded error messages
             (js2-set-flag rv (js2-end-check-block c))
           (setq default-case c)
           (throw 'break nil))))
     ;; we don't care how the cases drop into each other
     (js2-clear-flag rv js2-END_DROPS_OFF)
     ;; examine the default
     (js2-set-flag rv (if default-case
                          (js2-end-check default-case)
    (setq rv (if finally
                 (js2-end-check (js2-finally-node-body finally))
    ;; If the finally block always returns, then none of the returns
    ;; in the try or catch blocks matter.
    (when (js2-flag-set-p rv js2-END_DROPS_OFF)
      (js2-clear-flag rv js2-END_DROPS_OFF)
      ;; examine the try block
      (js2-set-flag rv (js2-end-check (js2-try-node-try-block node)))
      ;; check each catch block
      (dolist (cb (js2-try-node-catch-clauses node))
        (js2-set-flag rv (js2-end-check (js2-catch-node-block cb)))))
      ((js2-break-node-p node)
       (js2-end-check-break node))
      ((js2-expr-stmt-node-p node)
       (if (setq kid (js2-expr-stmt-node-expr node))
           (js2-end-check kid)
      ((or (js2-continue-node-p node)
           (js2-throw-node-p node))
      ((js2-return-node-p node)
       (if (setq kid (js2-return-node-retval node))
      ((js2-loop-node-p node)
       (js2-end-check-loop node))
      ((js2-switch-node-p node)
       (js2-end-check-switch node))
      ((js2-labeled-stmt-node-p node)
       (js2-end-check-label node))
      ((js2-if-node-p node)
       (js2-end-check-if node))
      ((js2-try-node-p node)
       (js2-end-check-try node))
      ((js2-block-node-p node)
       (if (null (js2-block-node-kids node))
         (js2-end-check-block node)))
      ((js2-yield-node-p node)
   "Properties of the Ecma-262 Date constructor.
 Shown at or above `js2-highlight-level' 2.")
 (defconst js2-ecma-math-props
   (concat "^"
   "Properties of the Ecma-262 Math object.
 Shown at or above `js2-highlight-level' 2.")
 (defconst js2-ecma-math-funcs
   (concat "^"
           (setq pos (js2-node-pos node)
                 end (+ pos (js2-node-len node)))
           (js2-set-face pos end face))))
      ;; case 2:  property access or function call
      ((or (js2-prop-get-node-p node)
           ;; highlight function call if expr is a prop-get node
 (defconst js2-jsdoc-typed-tag-regexp
   (concat "^\\s-*\\*+\\s-*\\(@\\(?:"
-           '("requires" "return" "returns" "throw" "throws"))
+           '("enum"
+             "extends"
+             "field"
+             "id"
+             "implements"
+             "lends"
+             "mods"
+             "requires"
+             "return"
+             "returns"
+             "throw"
+             "throws"))
   "Matches jsdoc tags with optional type.")
 (defconst js2-jsdoc-arg-tag-regexp
   (concat "^\\s-*\\*+\\s-*\\(@\\(?:"
-           '("base" "extends" "member" "type" "version"))
+           '("alias"
+             "augments"
+             "borrows"
+             "bug"
+             "base"
+             "config"
+             "default"
+             "define"
+             "exception"
+             "function"
+             "member"
+             "memberOf"
+             "name"
+             "namespace"
+             "property"
+             "since"
+             "suppress"
+             "this"
+             "throws"
+             "type"
+             "version"))
           "\\)\\)\\s-+\\([^ \t]+\\)")
   "Matches jsdoc tags with a single argument.")
 (defconst js2-jsdoc-empty-tag-regexp
   (concat "^\\s-*\\*+\\s-*\\(@\\(?:"
-           '("addon" "author" "class" "constructor" "deprecated" "exec"
-             "exception" "fileoverview" "final" "ignore" "private"))
+           '("addon"
+             "author"
+             "class"
+             "const"
+             "constant"
+             "constructor"
+             "constructs"
+             "deprecated"
+             "desc"
+             "description"
+             "event"
+             "example"
+             "exec"
+             "export"
+             "fileoverview"
+             "final"
+             "function"
+             "hidden"
+             "ignore"
+             "implicitCast"
+             "inheritDoc"
+             "inner"
+             "interface"
+             "license"
+             "noalias"
+             "noshadow"
+             "notypecheck"
+             "override"
+             "owner"
+             "preserve"
+             "preserveTry"
+             "private"
+             "protected"
+             "public"
+             "static"
+             "supported"
+             ))
   "Matches empty jsdoc tags.")
 (defconst js2-jsdoc-link-tag-regexp
-  "{\\(@link\\)\\s-+\\([^#}\n]+\\)\\(#.+\\)?}"
-  "Matches a jsdoc link tag.")
+  "{\\(@\\(?:link\\|code\\)\\)\\s-+\\([^#}\n]+\\)\\(#.+\\)?}"
+  "Matches a jsdoc link or code tag.")
 (defconst js2-jsdoc-see-tag-regexp
        ;; var foo = function() {...}
        ((js2-name-node-p left)
         (setq name left))
        ;; = function() {...}
        ((and (js2-prop-get-node-p left)
              (js2-name-node-p (js2-prop-get-node-right left)))
         (setq name (js2-prop-get-node-right left))))
       (when name
         (js2-set-face (setq leftpos (js2-node-abs-pos name))
                       (+ leftpos (js2-node-len name))
     ;; save variable assignments so we can check for undeclared later
     ;; (can't do it here since var decls can come at end of script)
     (when (and js2-highlight-external-variables
 (defun js2-highlight-undeclared-vars ()
   "After entire parse is finished, look for undeclared variable assignments.
-Have to wait until entire buffer is parsed, since JavaScript permits var
+We have to wait until entire buffer is parsed, since JavaScript permits var
 decls to occur after they're used.
-We currently use a simple heuristic to rule out complaining about built-ins:
-if the name is capitalized we don't highlight it.  This could be improved a
-bit by declaring all the Ecma global object, constructor and function names
-in a hashtable, but we'd still wind up complaining about all the DHTML
-builtins, the Mozilla builtins, etc."
-  (let (name first-char)
+If any undeclared var name is in `js2-externs' or `js2-additional-externs',
+it is considered declared."
+  (let (name)
     (dolist (entry js2-recorded-assignments)
       (destructuring-bind (name-node scope pos end) entry
-        (setq name (js2-name-node-name name-node)
-              first-char (aref name 0))
-        (unless (or (and (>= first-char ?A) (<= first-char ?Z))
+        (setq name (js2-name-node-name name-node))
+        (unless (or (member name js2-global-externs)
+                    (member name js2-default-externs)
+                    (member name js2-additional-externs)
                     (js2-get-defining-scope scope name))
           (js2-set-face pos end 'js2-external-variable-face 'record)
           (js2-record-text-property pos end 'help-echo "Undeclared variable")
         (push (setq qname (list fname-node (js2-node-pos node)))
         (js2-record-function-qname node qname))
        ;; for remaining forms, compute left-side tree branch first
        ((and var (setq qname (js2-compute-nested-prop-get var)))
         (if trie
             (setcdr (last trie) (list (js2-treeify chain)))
           (setq trie (list (js2-treeify chain)))))
        ;; case 2:  key is present with a single number entry:  replace w/ list
        ;;  ("a1" 10)  +  ("a1" 20) => ("a1" (("<definition>" 10)
        ;;                                    ("<definition>" 20)))
                       (if pos
                           (list "<definition-2>" pos)
                         (js2-treeify tail)))))
        ;; case 3:  key is there (with kids), and we're a number entry
         (setcdr (last kids)
 (provide 'js2-browse)
 ;;; js2-browse.el ends here
   (require 'cl))  ; for delete-if
-(defconst js2-version "1.7.0"
+(defconst js2-version "1.8.0"
   "Version of JavaScript supported, plus minor js2 version.")
 (defmacro js2-record-face (face)
                                :format js2-ts-comment-type)
   (when js2-parse-ide-mode
-    (js2-record-face 'font-lock-comment-face)
+    (js2-record-face (if (eq js2-ts-comment-type 'jsdoc)
+                         'font-lock-doc-face
+                       'font-lock-comment-face))
     (when (memq js2-ts-comment-type '(html preprocessor))
       ;; Tell cc-engine the bounds of the comment.
       (put-text-property js2-token-beg (1- js2-token-end) 'c-in-sws t))))
           (if js2-record-comments
         (setq tt (js2-get-token)))  ; call scanner
       (setq js2-current-token tt
             js2-current-flagged-token (if saw-eol
                                           (logior tt js2-ti-after-eol)
         (case-fold-search nil)
     (or buf (setq buf (current-buffer)))
+    (message nil)  ; clear any error message from previous parse
       (set-buffer buf)
       (setq js2-scanned-comments nil
           js2-nesting-of-function 0
           js2-labeled-stmt nil
           js2-recorded-assignments nil)  ; for js2-highlight
     (while (/= (setq tt (js2-peek-token)) js2-EOF)
       (if (= tt js2-FUNCTION)
       ;; add function or statement to script
       (setq end (js2-node-end n))
       (js2-block-node-push root n))
     ;; add comments to root in lexical order
     (when js2-scanned-comments
       ;; if we find a comment beyond end of normal kids, use its end
       (dolist (comment js2-scanned-comments)
         (push comment (js2-ast-root-comments root))
         (js2-node-add-children root comment)))
     (setf (js2-node-len root) (- end pos))
+    ;; Give extensions a chance to muck with things before highlighting starts.
+    (dolist (callback js2-post-parse-callbacks)
+      (funcall callback))
   (js2-parse-function 'FUNCTION_EXPRESSION_STATEMENT))
+(defun js2-parse-function-closure-body (fn-node)
+  "Parse a JavaScript 1.8 function closure body."
+  (let ((js2-nesting-of-function (1+ js2-nesting-of-function)))
+    (if js2-ts-hit-eof
+        (js2-report-error "" nil
+                          (js2-node-pos fn-node)
+                          (- js2-ts-cursor (js2-node-pos fn-node)))
+      (js2-node-add-children fn-node
+                             (setf (js2-function-node-body fn-node)
+                                   (js2-parse-expr))))))
 (defun js2-parse-function-body (fn-node)
-  (js2-must-match js2-LC "")
+  (js2-must-match js2-LC ""
+                  (js2-node-pos fn-node)
+                  (- js2-ts-cursor (js2-node-pos fn-node)))
   (let ((pos js2-token-beg)         ; LC position
         (pn (make-js2-block-node))  ; starts at LC position
         (synthetic-type function-type)
     ;; parse function name, expression, or non-name (anonymous)
      ;; function foo(...)
                 member-expr-node (js2-parse-member-expr-tail
                                   nil member-expr-node)))
         (js2-must-match js2-LP "")))
      ((js2-match-token js2-LP)
       nil)  ; anonymous function:  leave name as null
       ;; function random-member-expr(...)
       (when js2-allow-member-expr-as-function-name
         ;; processed as anonymous function
         (setq member-expr-node (js2-parse-member-expr)))
       (js2-must-match js2-LP "")))
     (if (= js2-current-token js2-LP)  ; eventually matched LP?
         (setq lp js2-token-beg))
     (if member-expr-node
           (setq synthetic-type 'FUNCTION_EXPRESSION)
       (if name
           (js2-set-face name-beg name-end
                         'font-lock-function-name-face 'record)))
     (if (and (neq synthetic-type 'FUNCTION_EXPRESSION)
              (plusp (js2-name-node-length name)))
         ;; Function statements define a symbol in the enclosing scope
         (js2-define-symbol js2-FUNCTION (js2-name-node-name name) fn-node))
     (setf fn-node (make-js2-function-node :pos pos
                                           :name name
                                           :form function-type
                                           :lp (if lp (- lp pos))))
     (if (or (js2-inside-function) (plusp js2-nesting-of-with))
         ;; 1. Nested functions are not affected by the dynamic scope flag
         ;;    as dynamic scope is already a parent of their scope.
         ;;    this setup, in which case dynamic scope is ignored in favor
         ;;    of the with object.
         (setf (js2-function-node-ignore-dynamic fn-node) t))
     ;; dynamically bind all the per-function variables
     (let ((js2-current-script-or-fn fn-node)
           (js2-current-scope fn-node)
-      ;; parse params and function body
       (js2-parse-function-params fn-node pos)
-      (js2-parse-function-body fn-node)
+      (if (and (>= js2-language-version 180)
+               (/= (js2-peek-token) js2-LC))
+          (js2-parse-function-closure-body fn-node)
+        (js2-parse-function-body fn-node))
       (if name
           (js2-node-add-children fn-node name))
       (js2-check-inconsistent-return-warning fn-node name)
       ;; Function expressions define a name only in the body of the
       ;; function, and only if not hidden by a parameter name
       (if (and name
       (if (and name
                (eq function-type 'FUNCTION_EXPRESSION_STATEMENT))
           (js2-record-imenu-functions fn-node)))
     (setf (js2-node-len fn-node) (- js2-ts-cursor pos)
           (js2-function-node-member-expr fn-node) member-expr-node)  ; may be nil
     ;; Rhino doesn't do this, but we need it for finding undeclared vars.
     ;; We wait until after parsing the function to set its parent scope,
     ;; since `js2-define-symbol' needs the defining-scope check to stop
     ;; at the function boundary when checking for redeclarations.
     (setf (js2-scope-parent-scope fn-node) js2-current-scope)
 (defun js2-parse-statements (&optional parent)
 (defun js2-parse-statement ()
   (let (tt pn beg end)
     ;; coarse-grained user-interrupt check - needs work
     (and js2-parse-interruptable-p
          (zerop (% (incf js2-parse-stmt-count)
          (throw 'interrupted t))
     (setq pn (js2-statement-helper))
     ;; no-side-effects warning check
     (unless (js2-node-has-side-effects pn)
       (setq end (js2-node-end pn))
         (goto-char end)
         (setq beg (max (js2-node-pos pn) (point-at-bol))))
       (js2-add-strict-warning "" nil beg end))
 ;; These correspond to the switch cases in Parser.statementHelper
     (and js2-labeled-stmt
          (js2-labeled-stmt-node-stmt js2-labeled-stmt)
          (setq js2-labeled-stmt nil))
-    (setq pn (funcall parser)
-          tt-flagged (js2-peek-flagged-token)
-          tt (logand tt-flagged js2-clear-ti-mask))
+    (setq pn (funcall parser))
     ;; Don't do auto semi insertion for certain statement types.
     (unless (or (memq first-tt js2-no-semi-insertion)
                 (js2-labeled-stmt-node-p pn))
+      (js2-auto-insert-semicolon pn))
+    pn))
+(defun js2-auto-insert-semicolon (pn)
+  (let* ((tt-flagged (js2-peek-flagged-token))
+         (tt (logand tt-flagged js2-clear-ti-mask))
+         (pos (js2-node-pos pn)))
        ((= tt js2-SEMI)
         ;; Consume ';' as a part of expression
         ;; extend the node bounds to include the semicolon.
-        (setf (js2-node-len pn) (- js2-token-end beg)))
+        (setf (js2-node-len pn) (- js2-token-end pos)))
        ((memq tt js2-autoinsert-semi-and-warn)
         ;; Autoinsert ;
-        (js2-parse-warn-missing-semi beg (js2-node-end pn)))
+        (js2-parse-warn-missing-semi pos (js2-node-end pn)))
         (if (js2-flag-not-set-p tt-flagged js2-ti-after-eol)
             ;; Report error if no EOL or autoinsert ';' otherwise
             (js2-report-error "")
-          (js2-parse-warn-missing-semi beg (js2-node-end pn))))))
-    pn))
+          (js2-parse-warn-missing-semi pos (js2-node-end pn)))))))
 (defun js2-parse-condition ()
   "Parse a parenthesized boolean expression, e.g. in an if- or while-stmt.
                ((= tt js2-RC)
                 (setf (js2-node-len pn) (- js2-token-end pos))
                 (throw 'break nil))  ; done
                ((= tt js2-CASE)
                 (setq case-expr (js2-parse-expr))
                 (js2-must-match js2-COLON ""))
                ((= tt js2-DEFAULT)
                 (if has-default
                     (js2-report-error "msg.double.switch.default"))
                 (setq has-default t
                       case-expr nil)
                 (js2-must-match js2-COLON ""))
                 (js2-report-error "msg.bad.switch")
                 (throw 'break nil)))
               (setq case-node (make-js2-case-node :pos case-pos
                                                   :len (- js2-token-end case-pos)
                                                   :expr case-expr))
                   each-pos (- js2-token-beg for-pos)) ; relative
             (js2-record-face 'font-lock-keyword-face))
         (js2-report-error "")))
     (if (js2-must-match js2-LP "")
         (setq lp (- js2-token-beg for-pos)))
     (setq tt (js2-peek-token))
     ;; parse init clause
     (let ((js2-in-for-init t))  ; set as dynamic variable
         (setq init (js2-parse-variables tt js2-token-beg)))
         (setq init (js2-parse-expr)))))
     (if (js2-match-token js2-IN)
         (setq is-for-in t
               in-pos (- js2-token-beg for-pos)
             incr (if (= (js2-peek-token) js2-RP)
                      (make-js2-empty-expr-node :pos tmp-pos)
     (if (js2-must-match js2-RP "")
         (setq rp (- js2-token-beg for-pos)))
     (if (not is-for-in)
         (if (and (js2-var-decl-node-p init)
                  (> (length (js2-var-decl-node-kids init)) 1))
             (js2-report-error "msg.mult.index")))
       (setq pn (make-js2-for-in-node :iterator init
                                      :object cond
                                      :in-pos in-pos
             (js2-report-error "msg.catch.unreachable"))
         (if (js2-must-match js2-LP "")
             (setq lp (- js2-token-beg catch-pos)))
         (js2-must-match js2-NAME "msg.bad.catchcond")
         (setq var-name (js2-create-name-node))
         (if (js2-match-token js2-IF)
             (setq guard-kwd (- js2-token-beg catch-pos)
                   catch-cond (js2-parse-expr))
           (setq saw-default-catch t))
         (if (js2-must-match js2-RP "msg.bad.catchcond")
             (setq rp (- js2-token-beg catch-pos)))
         (js2-must-match js2-LC "")
         (setq block (js2-parse-statements)
               try-end (js2-node-end block)
               catch-node (make-js2-catch-node :pos catch-pos
               (js2-node-len catch-node) (- try-end catch-pos))
         (js2-node-add-children catch-node var-name catch-cond block)
         (push catch-node catch-blocks)))
      ((/= peek js2-FINALLY)
       (js2-must-match js2-FINALLY ""
                       (js2-node-pos try-block)
                       (- (setq try-end (js2-node-end try-block))
                          (js2-node-pos try-block)))))
     (when (js2-match-token js2-FINALLY)
       (setq finally-pos js2-token-beg
             block (js2-parse-statement)
                                                  :len (- try-end finally-pos)
                                                  :body block))
       (js2-node-add-children finally-block block))
     (setq pn (make-js2-try-node :pos try-pos
                                 :len (- try-end try-pos)
                                 :try-block try-block
                                 :finally-block finally-block))
     (js2-node-add-children pn try-block finally-block)
     ;; push them onto the try-node, which reverses and corrects their order
     (dolist (cb catch-blocks)
       (js2-node-add-children pn cb)
             ;; matchJumpLabelName only matches if there is one
             labels (js2-match-jump-label-name js2-ts-string)
             break-target (if labels (car (js2-labeled-stmt-node-labels labels)))))
     (unless (or break-target break-label)
       ;; no break target specified - try for innermost enclosing loop/switch
       (if (null js2-loop-and-switch-set)
           (unless break-label
             (js2-report-error "msg.bad.break" nil pos (length "break")))
         (setq break-target (car js2-loop-and-switch-set))))
     (setq pn (make-js2-break-node :pos pos
                                   :len (- end pos)
                                   :label break-label
       (if (js2-loop-node-p (js2-labeled-stmt-node-stmt labels))
           (setq target (js2-labeled-stmt-node-stmt labels))
         (js2-report-error "msg.continue.nonloop" nil pos (- end pos)))))
     (setq pn (make-js2-continue-node :pos pos
                                      :len (- end pos)
                                      :label label
   (let ((pos js2-token-beg)
         obj body pn lp rp)
     (if (js2-must-match js2-LP "")
         (setq lp js2-token-beg))
     (setq obj (js2-parse-expr))
     (if (js2-must-match js2-RP "")
         (setq rp js2-token-beg))
     (let ((js2-nesting-of-with (1+ js2-nesting-of-with)))
         (setq body (js2-parse-statement)))
     (setq pn (make-js2-with-node :pos pos
                                  :len (- (js2-node-end body) pos)
                                  :object obj
               ret (js2-wrap-with-expr-stmt pos e t))
     ;; see if we are mixing yields and value returns.
     (when (and inside-function
                (js2-now-all-set before js2-end-flags
       (if (zerop (length name))
           (js2-report-error "msg.anon.generator.returns" nil pos (- end pos))
         (js2-report-error "msg.generator.returns" name pos (- end pos))))
 (defun js2-parse-debugger ()
     ;; set check for label and call down to `js2-parse-primary-expr'
     (setq expr (js2-parse-expr))
     (if (/= (js2-node-type expr) js2-LABEL)
         ;; Parsed non-label expression - wrap with expression stmt.
         (setq pn (js2-wrap-with-expr-stmt pos expr t))
       ;; else parsed a label
       (setq bundle (make-js2-labeled-stmt-node :pos pos))
       (js2-record-label expr bundle)
       ;; look for more labels
       (while (and continue (= (js2-peek-token) js2-NAME))
         (setq expr (js2-parse-expr))
         (if (/= (js2-node-type expr) js2-LABEL)
-            (setq stmt (js2-wrap-with-expr-stmt pos expr t)
-                  continue nil)
+            (progn
+              (setq stmt (js2-wrap-with-expr-stmt (js2-node-pos expr) expr t)
+                    continue nil)
+              (js2-auto-insert-semicolon stmt))
           (js2-record-label expr bundle)))
       ;; no more labels; now parse the labeled statement
             (unless stmt
         ;; remove the labels for this statement from the global set
         (dolist (label (js2-labeled-stmt-node-labels bundle))
           (setq js2-label-set (remove label js2-label-set))))
-      (setf (js2-labeled-stmt-node-stmt bundle) stmt)
+      (setf (js2-labeled-stmt-node-stmt bundle) stmt
+            (js2-node-len bundle) (- (js2-node-end stmt) pos))
       (js2-node-add-children bundle stmt)
                 nend js2-token-end
                 end nend)
           (js2-define-symbol decl-type js2-ts-string name js2-in-for-init)))
       (when (js2-match-token js2-ASSIGN)
         (setq init (js2-parse-assign-expr)
               end (js2-node-end init))
                  (or (js2-object-node-p init)
                      (js2-function-node-p init)))
             (js2-record-imenu-functions init name)))
       (when name
         (js2-set-face nbeg nend (if (js2-function-node-p init)
       (setq vi (make-js2-var-init-node :pos kid-pos
                                        :len (- end kid-pos)
                                        :type decl-type))
         (setf (js2-var-init-node-target vi) name))
       (setf (js2-var-init-node-initializer vi) init)
       (js2-node-add-children vi name destructuring init)
       (js2-block-node-push result vi)
       (unless (js2-match-token js2-COMMA)
         (setq continue nil)))
     (setf (js2-node-len result) (- end pos))
         ((= sdt js2-FUNCTION) "msg.function.redecl")
         (t "msg.parm.redecl"))
      ((= decl-type js2-LET)
       (if (and (not ignore-not-in-block)
                (or (= (js2-node-type js2-current-scope) js2-IF)
                    (js2-loop-node-p js2-current-scope)))
           (js2-report-error "")
         (js2-define-new-symbol decl-type name node)))
      ((or (= decl-type js2-VAR)
           (= decl-type js2-CONST)
           (= decl-type js2-FUNCTION))
             (if (and js2-strict-var-hides-function-arg-warning (= sdt js2-LP))
                 (js2-add-strict-warning "msg.var.hides.arg" name)))
         (js2-define-new-symbol decl-type name node)))
      ((= decl-type js2-LP)
       (if symbol
           ;; must be duplicate parameter. Second parameter hides the
           ;; first, so go ahead and add the second pararameter
           (js2-report-warning "msg.dup.parms" name))
       (js2-define-new-symbol decl-type name node))
      (t (js2-code-bug)))))
 (defun js2-parse-expr ()
           (= tt js2-TYPEOF))
       (js2-make-unary tt 'js2-parse-unary-expr))
      ((= tt js2-ADD)
       ;; Convert to special POS token in decompiler and parse tree
       (js2-make-unary js2-POS 'js2-parse-unary-expr))
      ((= tt js2-SUB)
       ;; Convert to special NEG token in decompiler and parse tree
       (js2-make-unary js2-NEG 'js2-parse-unary-expr))
      ((or (= tt js2-INC)
           (= tt js2-DEC))
                 end js2-token-end
                 expr (js2-make-unary tt 'js2-parse-member-expr t))
         (js2-check-bad-inc-dec tt beg end expr)))
      ((= tt js2-DELPROP)
       (js2-make-unary js2-DELPROP 'js2-parse-unary-expr))
      ((= tt js2-ERROR)
       (make-js2-error-node))  ; try to continue
      ((and (= tt js2-LT)
       ;; XML stream encountered in expression.
                                             :expr expr))
         (js2-node-add-children pn expr)
         (push pn kids))
        ;; a js2-XMLEND token means we hit the final close-tag.
        ((= tt js2-XMLEND)
         (push (make-js2-string-node :pos js2-token-beg
               (js2-new-node-lp pn) (- pos beg)
               (js2-new-node-rp pn) (- end 1 beg))
         (apply #'js2-node-add-children pn args))
       (when (and js2-allow-rhino-new-expr-initializer
                  (js2-match-token js2-LC))
         (setf init (js2-parse-object-literal)
               end (js2-node-end init)
               (js2-new-node-initializer pn) init)
         (js2-node-add-children pn init))
         (setf (js2-node-len pn) (- beg pos)))  ; end outer if
     (js2-parse-member-expr-tail allow-call-syntax pn)))
 (defun js2-parse-member-expr-tail (allow-call-syntax pn)
        ((or (= tt js2-DOT) (= tt js2-DOTDOT))
         (setq pn (js2-parse-property-access tt pn)))
        ((= tt js2-DOTQUERY)
         (setq pn (js2-parse-dot-query pn)))
        ((= tt js2-LB)
         (setq pn (js2-parse-element-get pn)))
        ((= tt js2-LP)
         (if allow-call-syntax
             (setq pn (js2-parse-function-call pn))
                                  :target pn
                                  :lp (- js2-token-beg pos)))
     (js2-node-add-children pn (js2-call-node-target pn))
     ;; Add the arguments to pn, if any are supplied.
     (setf args (nreverse (js2-parse-argument-list))
           (js2-call-node-rp pn) (- js2-token-beg pos)
           (js2-call-node-args pn) args)
     (apply #'js2-node-add-children pn args)
     (setf (js2-node-len pn) (- js2-ts-cursor pos))
        ((= tt js2-THROW)
         (js2-save-name-token-data js2-token-beg "throw")
         (setq ref (js2-parse-property-name nil js2-ts-string member-type-flags)))
        ;; handles: name, ns::name, ns::*, ns::[expr]
        ((js2-valid-prop-name-token tt)
         (setq ref (js2-parse-property-name -1 js2-ts-string member-type-flags)))
        ;; handles: *, *::name, *::*, *::[expr]
        ((= tt js2-MUL)
         (js2-save-name-token-data js2-token-beg "*")
         (setq ref (js2-parse-property-name nil "*" member-type-flags)))
        ;; handles: '@attr', '@ns::attr', '@ns::*', '@ns::[expr]', etc.
        ((= tt js2-XMLATTR)
         (setq result (js2-parse-attribute-access)))
         (js2-report-error "" nil dot-pos dot-len)))
       (if ref
           (setf (js2-node-len result) (- (js2-node-end ref)
                                          (js2-node-pos result))
      ;; handles: @name, @ns::name, @ns::*, @ns::[expr]
      ((js2-valid-prop-name-token tt)
       (js2-parse-property-name at-pos js2-ts-string 0))
      ;; handles: @*, @*::name, @*::*, @*::[expr]
      ((= tt js2-MUL)
       (js2-save-name-token-data js2-token-beg "*")
       (js2-parse-property-name js2-token-beg "*" 0))
      ;; handles @[expr]
      ((= tt js2-LB)
       (js2-parse-xml-elem-ref at-pos))
       (js2-report-error "")
       ;; Avoid cascaded errors that happen if we make an error node here.
          ;; handles name::name
          ((js2-valid-prop-name-token tt)
           (setq name (js2-create-name-node)))
          ;; handles name::*
          ((= tt js2-MUL)
           (js2-save-name-token-data js2-token-beg "*")
           (setq name (js2-create-name-node)))
          ;; handles name::[expr]
          ((= tt js2-LB)
           (throw 'return (js2-parse-xml-elem-ref at-pos ns colon-pos)))
           (js2-report-error ""))))
       (if (and (null ns) (zerop member-type-flags))
      ((= tt js2-FUNCTION)
       (js2-parse-function 'FUNCTION_EXPRESSION))
      ((= tt js2-LB)
      ((= tt js2-LC)
      ((= tt js2-LET)
       (js2-parse-let js2-token-beg))
      ((= tt js2-LP)
       (setq px-pos js2-token-beg
             expr (js2-parse-expr))
                                     :len (- js2-token-end px-pos)))
       (js2-node-add-children pn (js2-paren-node-expr pn))
      ((= tt js2-XMLATTR)
      ((= tt js2-NAME)
       (js2-parse-name tt-flagged tt))
      ((= tt js2-NUMBER)
      ((= tt js2-STRING)
         (js2-record-face 'font-lock-string-face)))
      ((or (= tt js2-DIV) (= tt js2-ASSIGN_DIV))
       ;; Got / or /= which in this context means a regexp literal
       (setq px-pos js2-token-beg)
                                 :len (- js2-ts-cursor px-pos)
                                 :value js2-ts-string
                                 :flags flags)
-        (js2-set-face px-pos js2-ts-cursor 'font-lock-string-face 'record)))
+        (js2-set-face px-pos js2-ts-cursor 'font-lock-string-face 'record)
+        (put-text-property px-pos js2-ts-cursor 'syntax-table '(2))))
      ((or (= tt js2-NULL)
           (= tt js2-THIS)
           (= tt js2-FALSE)
           (= tt js2-TRUE))
       (make-js2-keyword-node :type tt))
      ((= tt js2-RESERVED)
       (js2-report-error "")
      ((= tt js2-ERROR)
       ;; the scanner or one of its subroutines reported the error.
      ((= tt js2-EOF)
       (setq px-pos (point-at-bol)
             len (- js2-ts-cursor px-pos))
       (js2-report-error "msg.unexpected.eof" nil px-pos len)
       (make-js2-error-node :pos px-pos :len len))
       (js2-report-error "msg.syntax")
         (if (not after-lb-or-comma)
             (setq after-lb-or-comma t)
           (push nil elems)))
        ;; end of array
        ((or (= tt js2-RB)
             (= tt js2-EOF))  ; prevent infinite loop
         (when after-comma
           (js2-parse-warn-trailing-comma "msg.array.trailing.comma"
                                          pos elems after-comma)))
        ;; array comp
        ((and (>= js2-language-version 170)
              (= tt js2-FOR)          ; check for array comprehension
              (not (cdr elems)))      ; but no 2nd element
         (setf continue nil
               pn (js2-parse-array-comprehension (car elems) pos)))
        ;; another element