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Removed unused code.

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 (require 'browse-kill-ring)
-;; Ledger mode
-(autoload 'ledger-mode "ledger" "A mode for editing ledger data files." t)
-;; Load support for dictionary lookups
-;; URL:
-(autoload 'dictionary-search "dictionary"
-  "Ask for a word and search it in all dictionaries" t)
-(autoload 'dictionary-match-words "dictionary"
-  "Ask for a word and search all matching words in the dictionaries" t)
-(autoload 'dictionary-lookup-definition "dictionary"
-  "Unconditionally lookup the word at point." t)
-(autoload 'dictionary "dictionary"
-  "Create a new dictionary buffer" t)
-(autoload 'dictionary-mouse-popup-matching-words "dictionary"
-  "Display entries matching the word at the cursor" t)
-(autoload 'dictionary-popup-matching-words "dictionary"
-  "Display entries matching the word at the point" t)
-(autoload 'dictionary-tooltip-mode "dictionary"
-  "Display tooltips for the current word" t)
-(autoload 'global-dictionary-tooltip-mode "dictionary"
-  "Enable/disable dictionary-tooltip-mode for all buffers" t)
-(global-set-key [(control c) ?s] 'dictionary-search)
-(global-set-key [(control c) ?m] 'dictionary-match-words)
 ;; auto-mode-alist setup
 ;; Open every file ending in .sql with sql mode
 ;; Load modes for various config files
 (require 'generic-x)
-(autoload 'javascript-mode "javascript" nil t)
-;; Remove dumb javascript-generic mode
-(defun replace-alist-mode (alist oldmode newmode)
-  (if (eq (cdr (car alist)) oldmode)
-      (setcdr (car alist) newmode))
-  (if (not (eq (cdr alist) nil))
-      (replace-alist-mode (cdr alist) oldmode newmode)))
-(replace-alist-mode auto-mode-alist 'javascript-generic-mode 'javascript-mode)
 ;; Cyrillic settings
 ;; Hooks
-(add-hook 'find-file-hook 'auto-insert)
 (add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook 'imenu-add-menubar-index)
 (add-hook 'javascript-mode-hook 'imenu-add-menubar-index)