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Bugfix: Use word 'terminal' and 'nterminal'
Keywords: bugfix

The bug was intruduced by fucc--main--0.2--patch-14.

* fg-grammar.lisp (init-env, parse-grammar):
Use :is-terminal and :first-nterminal-id respectively.

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File generator/fg-grammar.lisp

 (defun init-env (terminals)
   "Populate table with TERMINALS.  Returns list of term objects and
 first ID of non-terminals."
-  (let ((terms (mapcar #'(lambda (term) (get-nterm term :is-term t))
+  (let ((terms (mapcar #'(lambda (term) (get-nterm term :is-terminal t))
     (values terms *grammar-next-id*)))
                                  :collect nterm)
                           :key #'nterm-id)))
-        (let ((grammar (make-grammar :first-nterm-id first-nterm-id
+        (let ((grammar (make-grammar :first-nterminal-id first-nterm-id
                                      :rules proc-rules
                                      :terminals terminals
                                      :nterminals nterminals