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Use shell_popen instead of shell_communicate. (rebase me out when making a pull request)

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 PIPE = subprocess.PIPE
 STDOUT = subprocess.STDOUT
-def shell_communicate(command, stdin, *args, **kwds):
-    """A subprocess.Popen().communicate() variant for shell command invocation.
+def shell_popen(command, *args, **kwds):
+    """A subprocess.Popen() variant for shell command invocation.
+    The keyword arguments stdin, stdout, and stderr are special, and are passed
+    to ShellCommand's constructor. These arguments are unavailable for formatting.
     Refer to ShellCommand for details of the implicit quoting behavior.
+    stdin = kwds.pop("stdin", None)
     stdout = kwds.pop("stdout", None)
     stderr = kwds.pop("stderr", None)
-    return ShellCommand(command, stdin=PIPE, stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr).shell_popen(*args, **kwds).communicate(stdin)
+    return ShellCommand(command, stdin=stdin, stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr).shell_popen(*args, **kwds)
 def shell_call(command, *args, **kwds):
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