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Seed / Code

This is a list of things to code ASAP, in no particular order.

Work in progress

  • [OK] Splashscreen on game launch
  • [OK] Start Game menu (New Game / Resume Game / Options / Quit)
  • [OK] Implement a translation/internationalisation method
  • [OK] Actually planting the seed (move it down and fix it -> remove fixture)
  • [OK] Load all species data in seeding:init()
  • [OK] Algo to detect collision between cursor/branch (pixel perfect?)
  • [OK] Gamestate:grow
  • [KO] Physical engine for branches
  • [OK] Create a way to save game-wide data (achievements, highscores ect...) -> filesave (tables)
  • [OK] Create a (abstract) environnement object that handles climate, and day cycles
  • [OK] Options menu (fullscreen:bool, resolution:array, sound:bool,sound_vol:float music:bool, music_volume:float)


  • Environmental particle effects
  • Internal (resources) particle effects
  • Saving game on quit
  • Loading saved game
  • In game menu (New Game / Options / Save & Quit)
  • Find a clever way to display tooltips
  • Remove dt in resource bars
  • Glow on nutriment connect
  • Glow on nutriment pop
  • Revamp radialmenu (fadein, fadeout)