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Seed / Gameplay

This section describes the gameplay mechanics of the game.

The game states indicates in what portion of the game the player is. They handle player action differently.

New Game

The player starts a new game. This states allows him to choose a seed between the species he has unlocked. Each species is shown as a seed and a grown tree to help the player imagine it. It also provides unprecise informations about it. Growing speed, ressource consumption, limitations and and advantages/drawbacks.

TODO: decide how to choose a level Then the level is chosen. At this point we don't know if it will be randomly picked, or chosen by the player. Or even a mix of both based on the fact that some species can't live in certain levels (a cactus in the rainforest !?).


In the seeding state, the player only owns a seed. In this state he has very little control over its seed. His goal is to make it land to the most welcoming spot. In essence: the closest possible to critical resources. To control his seed, the player can "bump" it. It will make the seed move a bit in a given direction. The number of bump allowed depends on the species chosen. The power of the bump depends on the weight of the seed, wich also depends on the species chosen.

Once planted, your seed become the center the player's trunk. It provides an initial amount of resources, dependending, once again, of what you chose previously.


This is the main part of the game. You build your tree, collect resources and all. List of player action in this mode:

See Player Actions


The surface can handle several independant states according to three main cycles.

  • Day cycle, that contains day, night
  • Season cycle, containing spring, summer, autumn winter
  • Event cycle, restricted by day/season cycle (more rain in winter, more sun in summer ect...)


Underground has no cycles. It has two resources: nutriment and water.

Water is harvested at the same pace everywhere. The more roots, the more water is harvested. Water spots are very rare. Growing a root onto a water spot allow to collect more water from it. The spot has a predefined amount of water. Once it has run out of water, Gameplay decision to be taken here #1

Water also impact the speed of resources flowing in the tree. If the tree hasn't enough water, the sap begins to dry and the resources move slower into the tree.

Nutriment is harvested by growing roots onto nutriment spots. Nutriment spots are almost everywhere and