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 Collection of static assets (CSS, JavaScript, images) that allow for quickly
 adding Twitter bootstrap and related plugins to a Django project.
+To install, use pip or easy_install:
+    pip install django-bootstrap-assets
+Next, add one of the preferred pluggable apps to ``INSTALLED_APPS``. For
+example, if we want to install Bootstrap and all of the plugins at once::
+        ...
+        'bootstrap_all',
+        ...
+    )
+Apps are explained in `Structure of the packages`_ section. 
 Included plugins
 Structure of the packages
-This project is divided into four packages:
+This project is divided into four packages. Each package contains a pluggable
+Django app which provides static assets.
 + ``bootstrap``: contains Twitter bootstrap only
 + ``bootstrap_select2``: contains select2 plugin
 Each package has normal Django app structure with a ``static`` directory
 containing the assets.
+The ``bootstrap_all`` app simply contains symlinks to all of the assets in
+other three apps.
 .. _select2:
 .. _bootstrap-datepicker: