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 used in this app comes from Wikipedia_ and XE.com_, and will be updated from
 time to time when sources become updated.
+Language name data is acquired from babel_ if babel is installed.
 .. contents::
 This tuple is used as ``choices`` argument for the ``ChoicesField`` in the
 currency form.
+This list provides a list of choices-compatible tuples that pair locale
+identifiers (e.g., ``'en_US'``) with both native and English language names of
+the language. For languages whose native names are in English, no translation
+is used. E.g.::
+    jp          日本語 (Japanese)
+    en_US       U.S. English
+This list is empty if babel is not installed, but having babel installed is
+*not* a requirement if you do not need language lists.
+Same as ``international.models.langauges`` but using only native version of the
+name as label. As with other language lists, this list is only populated if
+babel is installed.
+Same as ``international.models.langauges`` but using only English version of
+the name as label. AS with other language lists, this is only populated if
+babel is installed.
 .. _Django:
 .. _Wikipedia:
+.. _babel:
 .. _issue tracker: