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 Basic concept
+You render the meta tags by including a ``meta.html`` parial template in your
+view templates. This template will only render meta tags if it can find a
+``meta`` object in the context, so you can safely include it in your base
+template to have it render on all your pages.
 The ``meta.html`` template expects to find a dict or object called ``meta`` in
 the template context. In that dict or object, it will expect to find any of the
 following keys/attributes:
 + object_type
 + site_name
-In all cases, if the key is omitted, the matching property is not rendered.
+In all cases, if the key is omitted, the matching metadata/property is not 
 sites contrib app. If you enable this setting, the META_SITE_DOMAIN_ is not 
 used at all. Default is ``False``. 
-.. _OpenGraph:
+Reporting bugs
+Please report all bugs to our BitBucket `issue tracker`_.
+.. _OpenGraph:
+.. _issue tracker: