SpriteStudio is a fast and simple CSS Sprite Image generator. It's a fork from csigusz's awesome Sprite Generator This fork focuses on usability and performance improvements.

All kudos to csigusz the original author. Huge thanks to Jake Gordon for the simple and fast bin packing argorithm.


  • New WPF based user interface, more responsive and future ready.
  • New automatic layout builder, less efficient than the original one but more, more more fast and simple to maintain, see Jake Gordon's blog for explanation and demo.
  • A library has been extracted from the code, multicore machines are first class citizens thanks to the .NET Task Parallel Library.
  • Smaller CSS generated when all images have the same width and/or height.
  • The code has been refactored to follow MS code style guidelines (say ReSharper ones).
  • The UI has been updated to be more responsive and non-blocking when working with large amount of files.

Future plans

  • [WIP] New UI for better productivity.
  • [WIP] Add more options to customize the generated css.
  • Give possibility to output SASS/SCSS, Less CSS-preprocessors formats.
  • GTK# UI for Mono Users. ?
  • Visual Studio integration ?


The original project was published under the MS-PL open-source license, my modifications will keep following this license.