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SpriteStudio is a fast and simple CSS Sprite Image generator. It's a fork from csigusz's awesome Sprite Generator http://spritegenerator.codeplex.com/. This fork focuses on usability and performance improvements.

All kudos to csigusz the original author. Huge thanks to Jake Gordon for the simple and fast bin packing argorithm.


  • New WPF based user interface, more responsive and future ready.
  • New automatic layout builder, less efficient than the original one but more, more more fast and simple to maintain, see Jake Gordon's blog for explanation and demo.
  • A library has been extracted from the code, multicore machines are first class citizens thanks to the .NET Task Parallel Library.
  • Smaller CSS generated when all images have the same width and/or height.
  • The code has been refactored to follow MS code style guidelines (say ReSharper ones).
  • The UI has been updated to be more responsive and non-blocking when working with large amount of files.

Future plans

  • [WIP] New UI for better productivity.
  • [WIP] Add more options to customize the generated css.
  • Give possibility to output SASS/SCSS, Less CSS-preprocessors formats.
  • GTK# UI for Mono Users. ?
  • Visual Studio integration ?


The original project was published under the MS-PL open-source license, my modifications will keep following this license.