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Example Template Project https://bitbucket.org/mordentral/vrexppluginexample

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Use Of This Plugin

This Plugin is intended to add additional functionality to Open/SteamVR/(All VR now) in UE4.

Plugin Website


How do I install it?

Wiki Pages for Installation

Basic Installation Step-By-Step

Specific Commit Download Tutorial

Pre-built binary useage

Guides for migrating between different engine versions of the plugin:

Option 1:

Go to forum thread and downloaded the pre-built binary version for the engine version you are using (not updated with every daily change, only weekly or with large patches).

Install it into your Engine/Plugins directoy or ProjectName/Plugins Directory.

Option 2 (More up to date - preferred if possible):

  • Clone Or Download Zip and extract this repository to a folder named "VRExpansionPlugin" in your "ProjectName/Plugins" directory, create this directory if it is missing.

  • Add the VRExpansionPlugin to your projects PublicDependencyModuleNames in the projects build.cs if you have c++ code included.

  • IF you do not have c++ code, use the Add New button in the editor and add a blank c++ class to your project.

  • Open up the generated project .SLN file and build the project from the build menu.

You need to have visual studio installed and follow the UE4 setup guide for it: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/Development/VisualStudioSetup/

How do I use it?

KantanDocGen Automatic Documentation (KantanDocGen)



Open Input Plugin (Until its more mainstream in the engine it is a seperate module)


Tips & Tricks

VR Character Actor Information Page

VR Simple Character Actor Information Page

VR Character Movement Component Information Page

VR Path Following Component Information Page

VR Player Controller Information Page

Grip Motion Controller Information Page

FBPActorGripInformation Struct Information Page

VR Grip Interface Information Page

VR Grippable Objects

Replicated VR Camera Information Page

VR Root Component Information Page

Parent Relative Attachment Information Page

VR Function Expansion Library Information Page

How do I VR?

The template project contains use examples of most of the features of the plugin as well as locomotion modes, interaction methods, and basic multiplayer.