BB2Stats is a collection of code to Collect, Process and Present game stats from Bloodbowl 2. It can be used by a league owner (with a limited number of participants) to present stats on a web page, or to just check stats for personal games.

If you are only interested in using the this code, please see


Since there's no open central repository for data, the data must be collected from each client. BB2StatsGrabber is an application that helps the users to do this.


Data is normally first processed at the client and then compiled into different views at the server. The processing generates .json-files that are easily presented by a webpage.

Quickstart - working locally

  • Install PHP ( and add its path to the system environment variable PATH
  • Install .Net/C# IDE, such as MonoDevelop ( or Visual Studio
  • Download or clone the code ( to folder BB2Stats
  • Open BB2Stats/BB2Stats.sln and build all
  • If you are NOT using Visual Studio, then make sure you run BB2Stats/BB2StatsConverter/CopyToWeb.bat to populate the test folders
  • Run BB2Stats\BB2StatsLocalTest\runLocalPHPServer.bat - This will launch PHP as a web server locally
  • Run BB2Stats\BB2StatsLocalTest\Grabber\BB2StatsGrabber.exe and upload some files to your local web server

Setting up a web server

  • After building the solution, you can copy all files in BB2Stats/BB2StatsWeb/ to a folder on the server.
  • Make sure bin/ (next to BB2Data/) on the server contains the files from BB2Stats/BB2StatsConverter/bin/Release/

Automatic processing

Automatic processing requires the following from the web server:

  • The web server must have write access to BB2Data and subfolders.
  • It must have Mono or .Net installed, in order to use the BB2StatsConverter. (See readme/settingUpOnLinux.txt)
  • It must have an upload page that allows upload of files and accepts some special commands. BB2Stats/BB2StatsWeb/BB2Data/upload.php is such a page.
  • Server must have write access rights to BB2Stats/BB2StatsWeb/BB2Data/
  • BB2StatsConvert must be called after each upload or at regular intervals This is done in BB2Stats/BB2StatsWeb/BB2Data/execute.php after upload.


The processing of the data generates .json files that are easily used by a web page to display the stats. The project BB2Stats/BB2StatsWeb includes .html files that shows the collected .json files