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:: Trac post-commit-hook script for Windows
:: Contributed by markus, modified by cboos.
:: Modified for the multirepos branch to use the `changeset` command.

:: Usage:
:: 1. Insert the following line in your REPOS/hooks/post-commit.bat script:
::      call %~dp0\trac-post-commit-hook.cmd %1 %2
:: 2. Check the 'Modify paths' section below, be sure to set at least TRAC_ENV
:: 3. Verify that the hook is working:
::      - enable DEBUG level logging to a file and to the console 
::        (see TracLogging)
::      - call the trac-post-commit-hook.cmd from a cmd.exe shell:
::          trac-post-commit-hook.cmd <REPOS> 123
::      - call the post-commit.bat hook from a cmd.exe shell (check that
::        no unwanted side-effects could be triggered when doing this...):
::          post-commit.bat <REPOS> 123
::      - in each case, verify that you actually see the logging from Trac
::        and in particular that you see something like (near the end):
::          DEBUG: Event changeset_added on <REPOS> for revision 123

:: ----------------------------------------------------------
:: Modify paths here:

:: -- this one *must* be set

:: -- set if Python is not in the system path

:: -- set to the folder containing trac/ if installed in a non-standard location
:: ----------------------------------------------------------

:: -- Do not execute hook if trac environment does not exist
if not exist %TRAC_ENV% goto :EOF

:: -- Determine trac-admin

:: By default assume it's reachable from the PATH
set TRAC_ADMIN=trac-admin.exe

:: ... or take it from the Scripts folder of the specified Python installation
if not %PYTHON_PATH%.==. set TRAC_ADMIN="%PYTHON_PATH%/Scripts/trac-admin.exe"

:: ... or take it from the specified Trac source checkout
if not %TRAC_PATH%.==. set TRAC_ADMIN=python.exe "%TRAC_PATH%/trac/admin/"

:: -- Setup the environment

:: -- Retrieve the information that Subversion gave to the hook
set REPOS=%1
set REV=%2

:: Now we're about to call trac-admin's changeset added command.
:: We have to call it like that:
::   repository changeset added <repos> <rev>
:: where <repos> can be the repository symbolic name or directly
:: the repository directory, which we happen to have in %REPOS%.

%TRAC_ADMIN% "%TRAC_ENV%" changeset added "%REPOS%" "%REV%"

:: Based on either the symbolic name or the %REPOS% information, 
:: Trac will figure out which repository (or which scoped repositories)
:: it has to synchronize.