Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed 2db03b6

0.12dev: ported r8153 and r8167 from 0.11-stable. r8161 has issues related to #G300, so it's not merged for now.

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  * Erik Bray            
  * Toni Brkic           
  * Rocky Burt           
+ * Shane Caraveo        
  * Eli Carter           
  * José manuel Castroagudín Silva
  * Michele Cella


         return fields
     reserved_field_names = ['report', 'order', 'desc', 'group', 'groupdesc',
-                            'col', 'row', 'format', 'max', 'page', 'verbose']
+                            'col', 'row', 'format', 'max', 'page', 'verbose',
+                            'comment']
     def get_custom_fields(self):
         return [f.copy() for f in self.custom_fields]
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