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Final editing for 0.5.2 release.

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-Trac 0.5.2 (March 1, 2004)
+Trac 0.5.2 (March 2, 2004)
  * Performance improvements.
  * "view" checkboxes in the timeline view now reflect the current state.
  * The subversion repository is now indexed by "svnadmin initdb" instead of
    trac.cgi at first execution.
- * trac-admin now has a 'wiki dump' command to export all pages.
+ * trac-admin now has a 'wiki dump' and 'wiki load' commands to
+    export/import all pages to/from a directory.
  * Most of the inline css is removed.
  * IE6 navbar problem fixed.
  * Fixed bugs: #69, #73, #77, #78, #79, #80, #84, #85, #86, #89, #90, 


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   * Python, version >= 2.1.
   * subversion, version >= 0.37.
-  * pysqlite, version >= 0.4.3
+  * pysqlite, version >= 0.4.3 (>= 0.5 for better performance)
   * ClearSilver, version >= 0.9.3
   * A CGI-capable web server (only tested with Apache)
 Visit the Trac open source project at <http://trac.edgewall.com/>


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 Trac 0.5.2 Release Notes
-March 1, 2004
+March 2, 2004
 Edgewall Software is pleased to announce the release of Trac 0.5.2.
+Updates in This Release
+This is primarily a bugfix  release, primarily fixing bugs found in 0.5.1.
+Higlights include performance improvements including cacheable CSS
+For complete details, see the ChangeLog at: 
+ <http://projects.edgewall.com/trac/wiki/ChangeLog>
 About Edgewall
 For more information, visit our web site at <http://www.edgewall.com/> 
 or email us at <mailto:info@edgewall.com>.
+Thank You
+Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed to the project, even at
+this early stage. Also thanks to everyone providing the feedback that helps
+us make Trac better, easier to use and more effective.
-We hope Trac will be useful, and look forward to public feedback.
+We hope this version Trac will prove itself useful to programmers all over the
+world and that it's improved from the last release. Let us know :-)


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+Eric Gillespie    epg@netbsd.org
+Mikael Hallendal  micke@imendio.com
+Richard Hult      richard@imendio.com
+Jennifer Murtell  jen@jmurtell.com
+Mark Rowe         mrowe@bluewire.net.nz
+Emmeran Seehuber  rototor@rototor.de
+Diggs and Lula
+And everyone who keeps sending feedback, helping us improve Trac.
+Our apologies to everyone we forgot to mention, but without whose invaluable
+help, Trac would not continue to rapidly evolve. 

File wiki-default/TracAdmin

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 config set <option> <value>         -- Set config
 wiki list                           -- List wiki pages
 wiki export <page> [file]           -- Export wiki page to file or stdout
-wiki import <page> [file]           -- Import wiki page from file or stdin
+wiki import <page> [file]           -- Import wiki page from file
 wiki dump <directory>               -- Export all wiki pages to files named by title
+wiki load <directory>               -- Import all wiki pages from directory
 permission list                     -- List permission rules
 permission add <user> <action>      -- Add a new permission rule
 permission remove <user> <action>   -- Remove permission rule