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cboos  committed 5d8a076

* Added my new email address
* removed WikiFormatting from UPGRADE (as it's written in ReST)
* marked soource:wiki-default/TracPlugins as being written in Trac wiki format

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  * Francois Harvey <fharvey@securiweb.net>
  * Mark Rowe <trac@bdash.net.nz> 
  * Matthew Good <trac@matt-good.net>
- * Christian Boos <cboos@wanadoo.fr>
+ * Christian Boos <cboos@neuf.fr>
 See also THANKS for people who have contributed to the project.


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 This command will do nothing if the environment is already up-to-date.
-=== Update the Trac Documentation ===
+3. Update the Trac Documentation
 Every Trac environment includes a copy of the Trac documentation for the
 installed version. As you probably want to keep the included documentation in