Anonymous committed 7e79251

Added our translators to the THANKS file (well, those who weren't already in).

As the title says, thanks a lot for your contributions!

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  * Oren Held            
  * Mikko Hellsing
  * Michael Hope         
+ * Laurens Holst        
  * David Huang          
  * Zheng Hui Hu         
  * Richard Hult         
  * Tilemahos Manolatos
  * Angel Marin          
  * Simon Martin
+ * Narine Martirosyan   
  * Mark Mc Mahon        
  * Aristotelis Mertis
  * Wojciech Michalski
  * Jacob Norda          
  * Dirkjan Ochtman      
  * Jun Omae             
+ * Itamar Ostricher     
+ * Bas van Oostveen     
  * Seungseo Park        
  * Cap Petschulat       
  * pkou                 
+ * Alexandr Prudnikov   
  * Gruffudd Prys        
  * Mikko Rantalainen
+ * Mikael Relbe         
  * Nicholas Riley                 sabi
  * Armin Ronacher (mitsuhiko)
  * Mark Rowe            
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