Anonymous committed 808af49

0.12.1dev: Fixed the display of the sample time in the default timezone on the "Date & Time" preference panel, as it was showing the local time instead.

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                                 selected_tz = timezone(session_tzname) or utc">
       <label>Time zone:
       <select name="tz">
-        <option>Default time zone</option>
+        <option value="">Default time zone</option>
         <option py:for="tzname in timezones" value="$tzname"
                 selected="${session_tzname != None and
                             session_tzname.startswith('Etc/') and
         <py:when test="session_tzname">
           <i18n:msg params="tz, formatted">
             In your time zone ${selected_tz.tzname(}, this would be displayed as
-            <strong>${format_time(now, 'iso8601', tzinfo=selected_tz)}</strong>.
+            <strong>${format_time(now, 'iso8601',}</strong>.
           <i18n:msg params="formatted">
             In the default time zone, this would be displayed as
-            <strong>${format_time(now, 'iso8601', tzinfo=localtz)}</strong>.
+            <strong>${format_time(now, 'iso8601',}</strong>.
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