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+Trac in stand-alone mode
+Trac 0.7 introduces among many other important features, the capability to run
+Trac as a stand-alone server (daemon), without a web server.
+As of writing, tracd is still experimental, but we encourage testing it and
+providing feedback so we can improve it. Tracd supports all features of
+the CGI version (trac.cgi), and can serve multiple projects from a single
+server instance.
+Running tracd
+tracd [options] <database> [database] ...
+    -a --auth [project],[htdigest_file],[realm]
+    -p --port [port]\t\tPort number to use (default: 80)
+    -b --hostname [hostname]\tIP to bind to (default: '')
+  $ tracd -p 9090 /var/trac/myproject
+Feedback and bug reports
+Please provide feedback on tracd using the issue tracker or the mailing list.
+ Submit a bug report:
+   Mailing list info:
+/The Trac Team (
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