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Updated the RELEASE note and bumped the version number and no, this does not mean Trac 0.8 is released yet...

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-Trac 0.7 'Fulci' Release Notes
+Trac 0.8 'Qualia' Release Notes
-May 18, 2004 (The 104th anniversary of Tonga becoming a British protectorate)
+Nov 15, 2004
 Edgewall Software proudly announces the immediate availability of our latest
-release, Trac 0.7 'Fulci'.
+release, Trac 0.8 'Qualia'.
 Trac is a minimalistic web-based software project management and bug/issue
 tracking system. It provides an interface to the Subversion revision control
 What's New
-0.7 'Fulci' is an important release for Trac, and also brings the largest number of
-improvements yet. It marks a big step towards the big '1.0', some of the
-biggest changes being the introduction of a new database format and the
-experimental stand-alone Trac daemon.
+0.8 'Qualia' is the eagerly awaited new release of Trac that brings the 
+largest number of improvements yet. It marks a big step towards the big '1.0', 
+some of the biggest changes being the introduction of a new Roadmap module and
+a user interface for custom ticket queries.
 A summary of major changes for this release:
- * Revised database format. (Requires manual upgrade).
- * Trac stand-alone daemon, tracd (Experimental).
- * Greatly improved browser.
- * Many usability improvements.
- * UTF-8 character encoding support.
- * Wiki page attachments.
- * Ticket attachments.
- * Syntax coloring supporting >35 languages, using SilverCity or GNU Enscript.
- * Better support for ReStructuredText.
- * Logging support, including syslog and windows event log.
- * Ticket email notification.
- * Improved search facilities.
- * Import tickets from Bugzilla (contributed by Mark Rowe).
- * Import tickets from SourceForge (contributed by Dmitry Yusupov).
+ * Revised database format. (Requires manual upgrade, see the UPGRADE file).
+ * Support for custom ticket properties.
+ * Advanced ticket queries.
+ * A new Roadmap module.
+ * User preferences.
+ * Improved diff display.
+ * Tooltips for most Trac links.
+ * Wiki editing (near-wysiwyg) aids a la wikipedia.
+ * Improved email notification.
+ * Improved ModPython support.
 For a more complete list of improvements, see the ChangeLog at:
-We'd also like to extend a warm welcome to a new member of the Trac Team,
-Christopher Lenz - His work on templates and CSS has already added a nice
-touch to this release.
 About Edgewall
 Copyright (c) 2004 Edgewall Software
 Edgewall Software - Professional GNU/Linux & Open Source Consulting

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 __docformat__ = 'epytext en'
-__version__ = '0.8.pre'
+__version__ = '0.8'
 __url__ = ''
 __copyright__ = '(C) 2003,2004 Edgewall Software'
 __license__ = 'GNU General Public License version 2'