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    python-devel and python-xml packages.
  * Subversion, version >= 1.0. (>= 1.1.x recommended)
  * Subversion SWIG Python bindings (not PySVN).
- * PySQLite, version >= 0.5 (1.1.6 recommended)
+ * PySQLite, version 1.x (for SQLite 2.x) or version 2.x (for SQLite 3.x)
  * Clearsilver, version >= 0.9.3 (0.9.14 recommended)
  * A web server capable of executing CGI/FastCGI scripts, or Apache HTTPD with
    mod_python. (Trac also comes with a standalone server, but its use is not


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 to upgrade to specific versions of Trac.
+From 0.9.x to 0.10.x
+Due to some changes in the Wiki syntax, you may notice that certain parts of 
+your pages no longer work as expected:
+ * Previously, links to images would result in that image being embedded 
+   into the page. Since 0.10, links to images remain plain links. If you 
+   want to embed an image in the page, use the [[Image]] macro.
+ * You can no longer use %20 in wiki links to encode spaces. Instead, you 
+   should quote the name containing spaces 
+   (for example, use wiki:"My page" instead of wiki:My%20page.) 
 From 0.9-beta to 0.9