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Ported [671], [674] and [675] to stable

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 h4 :link, h4 :visited, h5 :link, h5 :visited, h6 :link, h6 :visited {
   color: inherit;
-.noline:link, .noline:visited { border-bottom: none; }
+.noline:link, .noline:visited { border: none }
+.noline:link:hover, .noline:visited:hover { background: transparent }
 #browser-rev, #file-hdr, #log-hdr,#log-hdr,#timeline-hdr,#chg-hdr,#report-hdr,#tkt-hdr {
   font-size: 21px;
 #footer :link, #footer :visited { color: #bbb; }
 #footer hr { display: none }
 #footer #tracpowered { border: 0; float: left }
+#footer #tracpowered:hover { background: transparent }
 #footer p { margin: 0 }
 #footer p.left {
   float: left;
 <div id="page-content">
 <h2 class="hide">About Navigation</h2>
 <ul class="subheader-links">
- <li><a href="<?cs var:trac.href.about ?>">About Trac</a></li>
- <li class="last"><a href="<?cs var:trac.href.about_config ?>">View Config</a></li>
+ <li<?cs if:!trac.acl.CONFIG_VIEW ?> class="last"<?cs /if ?>><a href="<?cs
+  var:trac.href.about ?>">About Trac</a></li>
+ <?cs if:trac.acl.CONFIG_VIEW ?><li class="last"><a href="<?cs
+  var:trac.href.about_config ?>">View Config</a></li>
+ <?cs /if ?>
  <div id="main">
   <div id="main-content">
 <?cs else ?>
   <a class="noline" href=""
-      style="float: right"><img src="<?cs var:htdocs_location ?>trac_banner.png" alt=""/></a>
+      style="float: right; margin-left: 2em"><img src="<?cs var:htdocs_location ?>trac_banner.png" alt=""/></a>
 <h1>About Trac <?cs var:trac.version ?></h1>
 Trac is a web-based software project management and bug/issue
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