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Genshi 0.5 is required since r7191

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-Trac Installation Guide
+mTrac Installation Guide
 Trac is a lightweight project management tool that is implemented as a
 web-based application. Trac is written in the Python programming language and
  * Python, version >= 2.3.
    + Please keep in mind, that for RPM-based systems you will also need
    python-devel and python-xml packages.
- * Genshi, version >= 0.4.1 (0.5dev recommended)
+ * Genshi, version >= 0.5
  * Optionally, Subversion, version >= 1.0. (>= 1.1.x recommended)and Subversion SWIG Python bindings (not PySVN).
  * PySQLite, version 2.x for SQLite 3.x
  * A web server capable of executing CGI/FastCGI scripts, or Apache HTTPD with